Let's stay focused

on fixing gun laws

Aurora, Colo. - 12 dead. Virginia Tech - 32 dead. Tuscon, Ariz. - six dead. Newtown, Conn. - 26 dead.

But when 35 people were mowed down and 23 wounded in Port Arthur, Australia, in 1996, the Australian government immediately organized a massive mandatory buyback program with severe penalties.

Many members of the National Rifle Association agree that reasonable gun control legislation is needed. It's only the NRA officials, in league with gun manufacturers, who are preventing it.

With more than 300 millions guns in this country, the U.S. is an armed camp. Legislation forbidding the sale of large-capacity clips and military-type assault weapons, as well as background checks for every weapon purchased, is the bare minimum of what is necessary.

The danger is that we will not stay focused. That is exactly what the NRA and all those congressmen who are in the NRA's pockets are banking on.

Are we really going to let that happen to us again?


Cape May Point

Aurora shooter knew

how to fake insanity

James Holmes, the Aurora, Colo., theater shooter who killed 12 and wounded 58, was a former neuroscience graduate student. He studied disorders of the mind, anxiety, compulsions, phobias, depression and disassociations. Sounds pretty smart to me. He also methodically planned the attack for two months, getting his arsenal together.

Apparently, he was at the top of his class. He studied just how to be nuts.


Atlantic City

Only an armed staffer

can protect children

Are some of our elected officials simple-minded? It is very clear to a thinking person that the only thing that would have prevented the mass killings in Newtown, Conn., would have been a staff person in the school office equipped with a firearm and the knowledge of how to use it, to whom all visitors must identify themselves and explain why they are there.

These simple-minded politicians are just using this horrific incident to attack legitimate gun owners. When Rahm Emanuel, the current mayor of Chicago, was President Barack Obama's chief of staff, he said the administration should never let a crisis "go to waste" without using it to further the administration's agenda. It is time to protect our children with practical things that will reduce the threat.


Egg Harbor City

LoBiondo, Runyan

disappoint on voting bill

I was pleased to see U.S. Rep. Frank LoBiondo, R-2nd, railing against members of his own party for failing to pass the Sandy disaster-aid bill in a timely fashion.

He was rightfully outraged.

New Jersey, New York and Connecticut have waited six to seven times longer than the victims of Hurricane Katrina for assistance from Congress.

But I was surprised when I read that LoBiondo voted against the Unhindered Citizen voting bill, which would have prohibited unreasonable limits on voting days and hours in federal elections and barred long waits in line as well as shortages in voting machines. The bill was defeated 194 to 229. Rep. Jon Runyan, R-3rd, voted no as well.

Where was the outrage in this case?

Any bill that makes it easier for citizens to vote in federal elections - or any elections, for that matter - should be supported by all members of Congress and state and local officials as well.

Is LoBiondo trying to limit some people's right to vote?

Unfortunately, LoBiondo and Runyan vote the party line far too often. In this case, as a matter of principle, the courageous thing to do would have been to vote yes. Shame on both of them.



Most support decision

on Visions development

Regarding the Jan. 12 letter, "Absecon has a duty to help Visions residents":

The Absecon Zoning Board absolutely did help Visions at the Shore residents and Absecon residents by fulfilling its right and just responsibilities.

The board's unanimous rejection of Amboy Bank's attempt to lift the 55-and-older age restriction was the right thing to do.

Very few owners or renters at Visions are disappointed by this vote, and this Jan. 12 letter does not reflect the larger majority.

The Visions development has much potential, and those who want to stay and see it finished are very happy about the Zoning Board vote against Amboy Bank.

We are confident the city will continue to do right by all the residents of Absecon.

Thank you, Absecon Zoning Board members, for caring about your city and neighbors. We applaud you.




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