Many people realize

their vote means nothing

In our last presidential election, 93 million registered voters did not vote. I am proud to say that so many Americans recognize that our election process has devolved into little more than an exercise that allows Americans to cling to the idea that we are actually in control of our political process. We also think that by voting for our party we will get representation from our Congress. But our Congress does not work for us.

Congress does the bidding of international corporations and the world's bankers. The election process does not have to be fixed or dishonest. It's a one-party system. Big political contributors give to both sides. How can they lose?

The very people Congress is supposed to regulate write the laws. This way the corporations get what they paid for.

How does this get fixed? Very simple: It does not get fixed. The 535 clones of Bernie Madoff in Congress would have to give up some of their power for anything to change, and that is not going to happen. When senators or representatives leave Congress, they often become lobbyists or go to work directly for the industry they were regulating. Congressonal ethics? What's that? Our Congress has the ethics of a banana republic.

The good you can take from this is that at least 93 million no-shows have wised up, and that number grows daily. These people know the extent of the problem and they know that replacing the clown in office solves nothing.



Elected officials betray

their fiscal responsibility

All our working lives as a member of the clergy and a pastor's wife, and as a teacher and counselor, we have been faithful taxpayers as we put our trust in elected officials to faithfully represent us.

At no time - until now - did we feel poorly represented. Never were we fearful that the stock market, major banks, lobbyists for unions and pharmaceuticals, etc., would put a stranglehold on those we elected.

Yes, we need equitable national health care, but we do not need 18 separate tax increases to pay for it.

We must reset our priorities as follows: 1. God and charitable giving. 2. Family - home, food, education, clothing, vacation. 3. Taxes after deductions.

In our retirement, we will continue to sing to our children and grandchildren, "Oh, we ain't got a barrel of money, and maybe we're ragged and funny, but we travel along, singing our song, side by side."

And, if President Barack Obama does not accept the reality of unemployment and poverty, we will also sing, "Stop the world, I want to get off," right up to the election of 2016. Thank God for friends and Chapter 13 bankruptcy.




We're losing connection

with the natural world

Regarding the Dec. 31 editorial, "Green Acres program/More critical than ever":

The editorial highlights a flaw in how Green Acres funds are expended.

For a number of years, the Atlantic Audubon Society, as well as other conservation organizations, have been arguing against using Green Acres funds for other things not related to land acquisition. Counties and individual communities have pushed to include such amenities in their plans for land use.

People need to get out into open space - not just for sports and exercise, but to get a little closer to the land that has been forgotten with the advent of personal computers, smart phones and video games. We are losing our connections to the natural world that supports our lives, and many people don't care or ignore the kind of warnings we are getting.

The next Sandy or drought or earthquake may be even worse than what we have already seen. Maybe this is what the Mayan calendar was trying to tell us.



Vikings' Peterson

shows how it's done

As a former player, coach and educator at the high school and college levels, I want to commend Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson for his performance in the Dec. 30 Green Bay game and the season in general. Of even more importance is the professional manner he displayed in the post-game TV interview.

The youth and football fan base of our country heard an individual who is the epitome of the saying, "There is no 'I' in Team - it's 'we.'"

When asked about missing the all-time NFL rushing record by just nine yards, Peterson, rather than expressing frustration at that outcome, instead voiced a positive view of how his team had secured a playoff berth. God bless him. He is an inspiration to individuals who strive for excellence.

"Give it all you've got, 'cause that's all you have to give."


West Atlantic City

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