Fox sure isn't fair

to Hillary Clinton

Regarding the Jan. 3 letter, "Fox is balanced; MSNBC is biased":

I wonder if the letter writer has been listening to the various Fox commentators' views of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's recent illness.

From John Bolton to Laura Ingraham, Clinton has been denigrated and derided. They accused her of having Benghazi allergies, Benghazi flu and an immaculate concussion.

If this isn't mean-spirited, I don't know what is.

You see, sir, I do watch both channels, and Fox News is definitely not fair and balanced. Try watching "The Five" some day. They are pretty mean-spirited and definitely not balanced.


Somers Point

Do psychotropic drugs

have role in shootings?

The nation continues to mourn the tragic loss of innocent children and teachers in Newtown, Conn. We cannot fathom why any of the mass shootings have occurred in the United States in recent times.

It seems a lot of the perpetrators are troubled young men, and I have a question about their mental health: Were any of these young men taking antidepressants, antipsychotics or other psychotropic medications? Is there any correlation?

Are any of the drugs prescribed to youth today capable of inducing such horribly aberrant behavior? Has this been looked into by any authorities?


Ocean City

Boehner a disgrace

for delaying Sandy aid

When House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, refused to bring the Sandy aid bill up for a vote in the lame-duck session, he proved he lacks the concern for all Americans required for someone in such an exalted political position.

In caving in to the dictates of the unelected leaders of the Republican Party - the Koch brothers, who publicly stated their disapproval of the relief for Sandy victims - Boehner callously failed in his duty to help all Americans who are victims of natural disasters, regardless of whether they live in red or blue states. Gov. Chris Christie courageously laid the blame of this abject failure at the feet of Boehner, a fellow Republican.

What an insult to people from the Northeast who gladly contributed to relief funds after Katrina and other natural disasters in different parts of our country because we are one nation.

Also, the House, in the latest of an ongoing series of insults to female constituents, also failed to bring the Violence Against Women Act up for a vote.

When will our elected representatives start earning the overly generous pay taxpayers give them in exchange for allegedly representing our best interests?



Cookies appreciated

on Christmas Eve

Thank you to the person who left homemade cookies on the cars at the Atlantic Medical Imaging in Somers Point on Christmas Eve. It was a nice way to spread Christmas cheer.


Egg Harbor Township

We need politicians

to make real decisions

Once again we swung and missed.

The second term of a president should be a period of extreme productivity in areas that desperately need attention. But what we got is a watered-down "fiscal cliff" deal that neither side likes and that the majority of voters did not want.

Better than nothing? Who really knows? Neither side has 100 percent faith that this result is good for the country. We always seem to end up tweaking a broken system with last-minute compromises and lame heroics. Each party needs a win so that its members will be in a better position to keep their jobs. What a terrible way to pave the way for our children and grandchildren.

I am sure that we have many forward-thinking politicians who could design programs that would make a real difference. But how hard do you think they want to work on these projects when the end result is gridlock and failure?

Please, take the bats off of your shoulders, make real decisions to fix our broken system and give me back the opportunity to complain about what you did do rather than what you did not do.



Chelsea Heights School

shines in test scores

Regarding the Dec. 26 story, "School test scores flat, with some bright spots":

Congratulations to the Chelsea Heights School in Atlantic City on performing above the state average and above neighboring suburban schools in state achievement tests in 2012.


Atlantic City