Stop pouring funds

into Landis Theater

Regarding the July 18 story, "Appel Farm wants more money for Landis Theater":

How much more money will be poured into the Landis Theater? This theater was never a "performing arts theater." It was and always will be a movie theater. Trying to make it anything else is an exercise in futility.

When the theater thrived, the entire condition of Landis Avenue was much different. The entire avenue was a shopping district. The theater was supported by its patrons, people who paid to see movies. There were no government handouts.

To date, almost $1million has been spent. Now more money is sought. There is no end. The Landis Theater's viable days have passed long ago. The time has now arrived to put an end to this waste. It is a drain on government funds and will never be a self-supporting entity.



Why won't Atlantic City

enforce property laws?

After spending an hour online looking up property-maintenance codes, it is clear to me that Atlantic City does, in fact, have ordinances that apply to property owners keeping up the appearance of their properties.

These appear to be the same laws as those in Ventnor and Margate. But those towns would never allow the decrepit properties that currently exist in Atlantic City - and have existed for years. Why is this?


Atlantic City

Pedestrians ignore

common sense, law

Regarding the July story, "Last walk left legacy/Ocean City crosswalk safer after fatal crash results in Casey's Law":

Casey's Law requires drivers to stop, not just yield, for pedestrians in crosswalks. I was pleased to see Ocean City Police Sgt. Brian Hopely remind everyone that safety is a shared responsibility and that "common sense should prevail."

Since the adoption of this law, officials up and down Absecon Island have ramped up pedestrian-safety awareness. They have added signs that say, "Pedestrian right of way." They have outlined crosswalks and have ticketed noncompliant motorists. With that said, common sense does not prevail here.

Those efforts have created a pedestrian mutiny of sorts. Walkers now act as though they have a legal right to not look before entering the roadway, blatantly ignore traffic signals and assume cars can and will stop on a dime to allow safe passage.

Driving down Ventnor and Atlantic avenues in summer is like an absurd game of "dodge the pedestrian." Otherwise-responsible citizens have completely taken leave of their senses. I am most troubled by parents who engage in this behavior with their children in tow.

What about my safety, the safety of my passenger or that of motorists around me? Where is law enforcement when pedestrians are creating hazardous road conditions? How it is suddenly OK for pedestrians to ignore long-established safeguards designed to protect everyone?

I believe there has been serious misinterpretation of this law. A meaningful attempt to reverse this dangerous trend is in order. The burden of roadway safety cannot fall solely on the shoulders of motorists. If officials are not careful to hold pedestrians and motorists equally accountable for roadway safety, this environment of complacency will most certainly lead to more tragedy.



B.L. England site

perfect for wind, solar

The B.L. England coal plant is now operating in a very limited capacity. The pollutants from this coal-burning plant are no longer being created as extensively as in the past. We should take this opportunity to convert this facility to renewable energy. The site already is part of the electrical grid and can be used to produce electricity that is friendly to nature.

There are plans to build a 22-mile natural-gas pipeline at the cost of hundreds of millions of dollars to convert B.L. England to a natural gas facility. Natural gas is a misleading name. The production of natural gas pollutes the atmosphere. And as ratepayers, we will be paying for these projects through our bills.

Convert the plant to renewable energy with either a solar-panel array or a wind farm. These are nonpolluting solutions to our energy-generation issues here in Cape May and Atlantic counties. Let's opt for clean energy for our beautiful coastal and mainland communities.

We deserve the best solution to our energy issues.


Ocean View


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