Price of technology high, ability to limit it low

Increasingly, today’s televisions, thermostats, baby monitors and such lend themselves to wi-fi connection. These so-called “smart” devices are susceptible to hacking. And the hacking will be done by the unscrupulous, the criminal, the pervert, the kook, and, yes, the government.

Without justification and unknown to people, suddenly they will be followed, watched, spied on. Is this what people want, what they’re willing to accept and live with in every facet of their lives — technology out of control? Pretty soon people won’t be able to go to the bathroom or make love without being watched. Sounds like North Korea to me.

No one can convince me that, in times gone by, life wasn’t better in many ways. Yes, technology has made life easier, but at a price. Numerous scientific studies prove all this technology is having an increasing effect on the brain as evidenced, for instance, by people’s addiction to cell phones. We just don’t seem to know where to draw the line. We’d better learn, and fast, before we lose our sense of being human.

Donald R. Ackermann


Mazzeo vet rating rigged

Voters in November should remember this little tidbit of information and when they are being snowed.

In a July 4 story, Assemblyman Vince Mazzeo was given credit for co-sponsoring a bill (along with wounded warrior and Assemblyman Bob Andrzejczak of Cape May County) to assist Gold Star families with the Gold Star Family Counseling Program. Very worthwhile legislation. To not invite veteran and Assemblyman Chris Brown to co-sponsor this legislation is a travesty that is becoming all too familiar in South Jersey.

So in November, when the VFW puts out its lawmakers “report card” and Mazzeo appears to be so much more supportive of veterans than Brown, people should remember how that is accomplished — more back-room deals and a corrupt way of doing business. All too familiar in New Jersey.

Mike Merlino

Egg Harbor Township

NY-NJ rail tunnel cost running out of control

The estimated price of the New York-New Jersey rail tunnel is increasing. It is a typical poor government estimating job to go from the original $7-$10 billion to $12.9 billion. With of all the work to be done and a start date of at least 2019, based on my previous experience the real cost will be $17-$19 billion.

Who is going to pay the piper? Just what New Jersey needs. We have enough financial problems as it is.

Ted Finkenauer



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