Senators missed chance to lure insurance firms

Senate President Steve Sweeney and Sen. Jim Whelan have had years to do right by the people of New Jersey, which includes Atlantic County and of course Atlantic City. If they had any vision, we would have other industries in this area. Insurance companies pay a lot of taxes to do business in Connecticut. A state senator representing the people of Atlantic County should have met with executives of insurance companies located in Connecticut and offered them a deal to relocate to this area.

New Jersey has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country, and it's not just Gov. Chris Christie's fault. The Legislature with all its regulations and taxes has put New Jersey in this position.


Atlantic City

Pipeline no threat

to species in pines

New Jersey Sierra Club Director Jeff Tittel just keeps on hammering away against the much-needed and widely anticipated natural gas pipeline to the B.L. England generating station, despite widespread acceptance of it among South Jersey residents.

He says the pipeline would be cut through areas with endangered and threatened species and that it would be a disaster for the pinelands, but South Jersey Gas Co. says the pipeline would be installed below or in the shoulder of existing roads and will not cut into protected areas of the pinelands.



Atlantic County problems require more than talk

Regarding the June 27 letter by Somers Point Mayor Jack Glasser, "Everyone should realize casinos would hurt A.C.":

Let me state categorically that I and my running mates for Atlantic County office are against casinos in North Jersey. According to Assemblyman Chris Brown, it is Gov. Chris Christie (now a Republican presidential wannabe) who supports the North Jersey casinos.

Glasser's disappointment is clearly misplaced. Glasser would be better off to advise County Executive Dennis Levinson that foreclosures, joblessness, poverty, high taxes are real problems in Atlantic County. These will not go away simply by talking about North Jersey casinos, perfect audits or how great this county is run. Talk is cheap.


Candidate for Atlantic County Freeholder, 2nd District

Somers Point

Willing to pay more to keep gas-pumping ban

Me trying to pump gas would be like when I am in line at a kiosk trying to buy a ticket at the train station. The people behind me, usually younger, become impatient.

I just take too long with anything that doesn't involve pen and paper, staples or glue.

Gas station owners claim gas will be 10 cents cheaper if you pump your own. I have been paying up to $2.50 more than when I first learned to drive. I will pay the 10 cents.

I always tip my attendants just because they pumped my gas. More jobs down the drain.

Allow some pleasure for residents and keep the ban on pumping your own gas.



Obama only responsible

for small fraction of debt

Regarding the July 3 letter, "Obama fan ignores massive buildup of debt":

The fairest way to calculate debt is as it is done by the Congressional Budget Office. There are ongoing issues over which President Obama has little power, including the Bush tax cuts and reduced federal tax receipts after the 2007-2008 financial crisis.

In Obama's effort to stimulate the still lagging economy, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 was passed, extending unemployment benefits and funding job-creating public works projects. In addition, President Obama and Congress negotiated the sequestration budget cuts.

Liberal Democrats disapproved of continuing the Bush tax cuts, which overwhelmingly benefit the wealthy, while Republican hawks in Congress never saw a military budget increase they didn't like.

The letter writer maintains that Obama will be responsible for more than doubling the debt from $9 trillion to $20 trillion by the time he leaves office. Analyzing the numbers as calculated in January 2015, Obama's debt contribution will amount to $983 billion between 2009-2017, a far cry from $11 trillion.


Galloway Township

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