Lifeguards shouldn't

be looking at cellphones

On the day before the Atlantic City Airshow, I went for a long walk on the beach from in front of Caesars Atlantic City to the Revel Casino-Hotel and back. I was shocked to see, time and time again, a lifeguard seated up in his stand looking not at the kids in the surf in front of him, but at his cellphone.

Cellphones should be banned from the lifeguard stands. I would assume the guards have been told not to use their phones while on duty, so someone needs to be checking on this. A lifeguard using his cellphone and not giving the surf and bathers his undivided attention is totally unacceptable.



Drop pipeline plan,

close B.L. England

The Pine Barrens are a natural resource that belongs to all of us. But there is a proposal for a pipeline that will cut a scar right through the pinelands. The South Jersey Gas pipeline will connect to the B.L. England power plant, whose two units will be converted to natural gas.

Protecting this area from a dangerous pipeline is critical not only for our water supply, but for the entire pinelands ecosystem. This pipeline violates the Pinelands Comprehensive Management Plan and the Forest Preservation Area and will open up the pinelands to more development. There are alternatives that were not looked at - including extending existing pipelines into the Atlantic City area.

Since this pipeline is a 24-inch gas main, which is enough natural gas to power South Jersey, our concern is this can be used to export natural gas. This plant is not needed, especially since energy use in New Jersey has been dropping. B.L. England should either be closed or, given its location, made into a great facility for wind generation.



New Jersey Sierra Club


Atlantic City Airshow

was an affordable treat

I enjoyed the airshow in Atlantic City on June 26 with my son and two grandchildren.

The show and the beach were free. Parking was $20. I went to the 99-cent store on the Boardwalk and bought my grandchildren buckets with shovels. I also bought them sodas and hot dogs, and a beach umbrella for $8.99. It was all very affordable. This was a nice, enjoyable family day. Yes. Do AC!


Egg Harbor Township

Critics of Deen

are just hypocrites

I've been thoroughly amused by the countless number of hypocrites lining up to condemn the flawed Paula Deen. To think that all of these years I've been living in an annex of heaven.


Atlantic City

Forgive Deen

so we can heal

Paula Deen made a mistake, as we all have at some time. Yet even after saying she was sorry, she has not been forgiven. You have to wonder how these people can attend a church service, take Communion and say the Lord's Prayer with such unforgiving hearts.

Forgiveness is part of the healing process. God stands ready to forgive us for what we have done; therefore, who are we not to forgive others? Do we think ourselves better than God?



Local 54 members

must stand together

Well, another Local 54 of UNITE-HERE election has come and gone. Just as in past elections, there was talk about replacing President Bob McDevitt. But when it was time to vote, only about 2,500 members took the time to cast a ballot.

We have more than 12,000 members in our local - where were the rest of you? How can you complain about the state of our local when you don't take the time to vote?

A union is only as strong as its members, and right now we need to regroup and stand behind our incumbent.

We have some tough negotiations coming up, and if we don't stand together, we are going to end up like the dealers - working part-time jobs at two or three different casinos, with no health benefits.


Galloway Township


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