State shutdown stopped acupuncture for addicts

I went to the state building in Bridgeton on July 3, as I do every Monday, to provide acupuncture to formerly incarcerated recovering addicts. I was denied access to the building and my clients were prevented from receiving acupuncture treatment because the governor was throwing a temper tantrum.

I left a house full of friends and family so that I could run the acupuncture group. July 4th can be a challenging time for addicts (because of parties where alcohol and other drugs are plentiful) so I decided that it was more important to me to be available to my clients than to have an uninterrupted long weekend.

Instead, the governor, who has made a great display of his “concern” for opiate addicts, locked us out of the state building and prevented addicts from receiving support. This is not what leadership looks like.

Shoshana Osofsky


Sell governor’s house

The overburdened taxpayers of New Jersey shouldn’t have to support a governor’s residence at Long Beach Island State Park. Sell it!

Suzanne Pelkaus


Opposes Trumpcare

I oppose Trumpcare. I want the Senate to vote no on this ridiculous proposed health care plan.

Connie Lowber

Atlantic City

Impressed by Brown

As an independent person, I am once again impressed with Assemblyman Chris Brown’s willingness to put local families ahead of politics and his courage to stand up to Gov. Chris Christie.

If we had more independent leaders like Brown who voted for the budget, we could have avoided the shutdown.

Lauren Smith


Property taxes ridiculous

If the new assessments raise taxes to more than their already ridiculous amount, there may be nobody left to pay them.

I think in the next round of elections, we should vote people in who know how to manage our money.

Dan Histon

Egg Harbor Township

Display flag respectfully

Regarding the July 10 letter, “Proper display of the flag”:

I’m grateful to the writer for her inspiring letter. I would like to add that there is a U.S. Code regarding U.S. flag etiquette to which few citizens earnestly adhere. The section of particular interest to me says “The flag should never touch anything beneath it, i.e., the ground, floor, water or merchandise.”

I am insulted when I see U.S. flags that are tattered, faded, hanging loosely from the staff, resting on the ground. The United States is a proud nation, represented by the most beautiful flag in the world. It is truly the symbol of freedom. It deserves respect, reverence and should be honorably retired when it has reached the point when it is unfit for display (as per the code).

Frani Cavallaro



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