Major parties failed

to fix N.J.'s problems

New Jersey is a dying state. We are losing population while the rest of the country grows. And our charismatic governor has hypnotized us into believing he's doing a tremendous job.

When he challenged the New Jersey Education Association, it seemed he was beginning to solve the state's major problem - outrageous property taxes. But it is evident he and the Legislature will continue to provide Band-Aids while the patient dies. Has anyone seen property taxes stabilize?

I believe residents have been duped into political paralysis by the two major parties. The problem is that our lawmakers benefit from the very laws they have passed regarding pension and health benefits for state employees. Did you notice the budget had $3 billion allocated for state pensions, but senior rebate checks were delayed until the next fiscal year? That might avoid bankruptcy until after senior legislators have retired.

What can be done? I think a protest might garner some attention. I suggest in the next election, you write in your own name. Just do not vote the party line.


Somers Point

Sen. Lautenberg

will be missed

U.S. Sen. Frank Lautenberg was a model public servant. Unlike many, he didn't go into politics to make money, but rather to make people's lives better.

Are you happy that smoking is not allowed on an airplane, or that people have to be 21 years old to drink alcohol? Those are two of the many accomplishments Lautenberg should be thanked for. He will be missed by our state and the nation as a whole.


Ocean Township

Writer was ignorant

of scandals, McCarthy

Regarding the May 30 letter, "Scandals show Obama is the new Joe McCarthy":

I am appalled by the statements made in this letter. The writer's disrespect for the person and office of the president is only superceded by his lack of historical knowledge and his baseless accusations.

Those of us who watched the daily unraveling of the Watergate conspiracy in televised Senate hearings and who followed the Iran-Contra affair truly know the definition of a presidential scandal. And those who actually lived through the McCarthy era know very well the capacity for manipulation of public fear and libelous accusations a member of Congress is capable of in order to advance his career. The current so-called "scandals" don't meet that definition.

If the writer wants to find reincarnations of "Tail Gunner Joe," he would do better to look at members of Congress who are following the McCarthy model.


Galloway Township

Bader concert parking fee

was a rude hidden cost

I am glad to see Bader Field being used for outdoor events. This has great potential for the city's image, especially with some work on beautification and cooperation to create a park-like atmosphere.

I attended the VetRock 2013 event. I was taken aback by the gouging of $10 to park on the site, which was not mentioned in any advertisement. It is just another bad decision rooted in the greed that has dominated Atlantic City for so long.

The ticket price was $25. Had it cost $30, it would not have affected my decision to go to the event, and parking could have been included in the ticket price. This hidden cost was rude to the visitors and rude to Chelsea Heights residents for the unnecessary traffic headache. You see, I didn't pay. I parked in Chelsea Heights and walked over.

Atlantic City needs to get a little more user-friendly to boost visitor appeal, if only in appearance.



Stop vilifying

NRA members

I am an American who believes in my Constitution and in the limited federal government it defines. I am a life member of the National Rifle Association. I am bothered by the constant barrage of accusations hurled by people who echo the positions of demagogues intent on fundamentally changing America.

The NRA is an organization of about 5 million diverse members. It has an honorable history and contributes to our society through police support, youth training, support of our military and veterans, etc. The doctors, lawyers, farmers, housewives and survival hunters who make up the membership have in common an understanding of and love for the Constitution in its entirety. Not all members hunt or even own guns.

I fear for my country when I see that some people believe the NRA is the embodiment of evil and that our elected officials can be bought and sold. If this were true, then the NRA with its limited resources would be no match for ultra-liberal billionaires such as Michael Bloomberg, George Soros and Peter B. Lewis. I believe the vast majority of members of Congress (even those with whom I disagree) do vote their consciences. Of course, interest groups of all stripes contribute to politicians who agree with their positions and also spend money trying to educate the undecided on the righteousness of their causes. That is how representative democracy should work and usually does.


Egg Harbor Township


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