If you're seeking truth,

try 'The Daily Show'

Regarding recent letters on Fox News:

It is always a hoot reading about people who follow Fox "News." Its supporters seem to believe that any media outlet that isn't Fox is a left-wing conspiracy. Colleges, newspapers, magazines, electronic media - heck, I guess any form of communication is all lies.

Do the math. Why would you think the majority of solid reporting, real journalism and higher education a lie if it hasn't come from Fox? Have the letter writers considered that Fox folks are the non-objective, hateful, fear mongers who cannot tell a fact from an opinion?

The reporters on Fox see twisted, ridiculous conspiracies in everything. Time to switch the channel and engage your own mind.

I watch ABC World News with excellent anchor Diane Sawyer and great reporters and investigative teams. I also watch PBS and read newspapers - like The Press - the sources of most objective journalism. I am a college graduate, and I believe universities are where you learn and are encouraged to improve yourself and make the world a better, more tolerant place.

My favorite sources for a truthful sounding board for all media are "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" and "The Colbert Report." Stewart is a wise man posing as a jester. His humor and intelligence and his search for truth have kept many of us sane. I am going to miss you, Jon, during your summer break from the show. See you in the fall.


Ocean City

Laws won't keep guns

away from criminals

Regarding the June 12 letter, "Sweeney gun bill will make us safer":

Whenever I purchase a gun, I already submit to a background check. This cost is in addition to the cost of the gun.

I'm not against background checks. I'm against additional costs.

But this is the problem with firearm legislation: Criminals do not follow the laws.

Criminals don't get their weapons from legitimate gun dealers; they go to gun dealers whose showroom is the trunk of a car or some other seedy place. They often purchase and commit crimes with guns that were stolen during home robberies and then resold on the street.

New legislation won't keep guns out of the hands of criminals. If this approach worked, laws already on the books would keep guns out of the hands of criminals.

The only way any law will keep guns away from criminals is if criminals themselves decide to all of a sudden start following the law, which is highly unlikely.



Innovative transportation

can boost local economy

Gov. Chris Christie is spending an additional $25 million to promote shore tourism, including Atlantic City. Many millions have already been spent on other projects in the city.

If this money were spent on building a bridge and tunnel system crossing Delaware Bay - like the one over the Chesapeake Bay - it would do away with the old, outdated ferry and its high cost, rude service and restrictive time schedule. The traffic on the Garden State Parkway would be multiplied many times over, creating year-round employment and business for Cape May and Atlantic counties.

It seems no one in government is even thinking of how to improve access.

If an area is easy to get to, more people will come. The state owns all the ground in the center of the Atlantic City Expressway and Garden State Parkway. Build a monorail from New York to Pennsylvania. It is the transportation system of the future. Many visitors would ride the monorail instead of using a bus or train.


Ocean View

Big Brother is here

in the form of the NSA

Big Brother was a fictional character in George Orwell's novel "Nineteen Eighty-Four."

He was the symbol of a totalitarian state where the ruling party wielded total power for its own sake over the population. The people were always reminded, "Big Brother is watching you."

The term has entered the lexicon as a synonym for abuse of government power, specifically relating to mass surveillance. Could it be that the National Security Agency is really Big Brother in 2013?



Why hasn't Margate

marked no-parking zones?

Regarding the June 10 story, "Shore parking/The thin white line":

I was glad to read that painting curbs yellow by hydrants, stop signs, and 25 feet from intersections is state-mandated. But drive down Atlantic Avenue in Margate and you will see nothing marking no-parking zones at intersections.

Drive down the same street on any summer weekend and you will see cars parked in that same no-parking zone. But you don't see any tickets on these illegally parked cars.

Now try to enter onto Atlantic Avenue from a side street, and you face the risk of having a runner, walker or biker yell at you - or worse, bang on the hood of you vehicle - because you have had to pull out so far to see oncoming traffic.

I called Margate's Public Works Department a couple of springs ago to ask if there were plans to paint the curbs in this 25-foot zone. I was told no, due to other pressing matters the department needed to address. So if state mandates are not implemented in Margate, what are those employees hired for the summer to give out parking tickets doing?



Special election costs

cannot be justified

I have long been a supporter of Gov. Chris Christie and feel he has done an excellent job in a difficult position. That said, I am very disappointed that he would spend $12 million of taxpayer money to hold a special election a few weeks prior to the general election.

I fail to see any rationale for wasting that amount of money, when the position of senator can easily be added to the general election ballot.

Given the state's financial condition, this expenditure is plainly obscene.


Wildwood Crest

Eck's candidacy

enlivens Senate race

Just when I thought it was safe to book my annual August soiree in the Hamptons, along comes tea party candidate Dr. Alieta Eck, running to fill Frank Lautenberg's Senate seat.

Looks like what was expected to be a record-low turnout for the Aug. 13 primary might not be so boring after all. Eck surprised people by turning in twice the number of signatures needed to get on the Republican primary ballot.

A physician with real-world solutions for the health care crisis, she's a conservative with a heart. Maybe that's what's needed with all the paranoia about Obamacare and our $17 trillion debt.

Eck and her physician husband donate their expertise at a free clinic for the uninsured, and they in turn benefit from a program that reduces their medical malpractice insurance. They believe many more physicians would volunteer if these programs were expanded. It's not the answer to everything, but it's certainly a start. This election now looks to be very exciting indeed.


Mullica Township

Gary Stein is an independent candidate for state Assembly in Atlantic County.

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