Lots of A.C. suggestions

I am an Atlantic City homeowner but a Florida voter. I favor an Atlantic City beach fee, a repeal of the PILOT and a casino assessment that will withstand appeals in court.

The city budget should be under $200 million, and Bader Field should be an RV park run by the Atlantic City Parking Authority. The skating rink should be converted into a supermarket.

Boardwalk Hall should host affordable events year round. The vacant land facing the Gardner’s Basin entrance should be used for a Hackney-style seafood restaurant.

The noise level in Atlantic City should be kept in balance between the entertainment aspect and quality-of-life issues such as sleep.

Alan Stowe

Atlantic City

Tax parents more for children in school

The only reasonable and workable solution to the property-tax situation in New Jersey is to make school taxes a user-based, “pay-as-you-go” system. All property owners would pay a minimal, fixed amount of school property tax, as public schools are considered to be a worthy public good. Taxpayers with children in the school system would pay additional school tax depending on how many children are in the system. A family with four children in the system would pay considerably higher taxes, for example, than a family with only one child in the system.

The benefits of such a system are clear. The amount of tax increase per child in the family could be computed precisely by knowing how many families have a particular number of school-age children, given the size of the school budget and the amount of state aid. There would be no more games based on the highly controversial and imprecise method of using property assessments to compute school taxes.

Better yet, for property-tax payers, their school taxes could actually go down once their children start to leave the school system after graduating from high school. When has this ever happened in New Jersey?

John Roberts Jr.


State-called convention can create term limits

President Donald Trump has shown the American people the true side of the stagnant political infighting of the Senate and Congress. All of the discord among everyone and every faction of the White House. All of these aging politicians who have steered the country into this political quagmire, who have had us into wars, who created the crash of 2008, put the nation many trillions of dollars in debt.

They are at it again with the backstabbing, scandals and investigations.

We are going into six months of the new presidency and nothing but bickering is getting done.

Now is the time to take the country from these career and corrupt politicians. People can no longer tolerate this waste of time, money, resources for their political games.

This is one of the oldest sitting Congresses in history, and 75 percent of Americans want term limits but don’t know how to make it happen. These people will never leave the feathered nests that they have created and want to hold onto.

But our forefathers were very wise to have written in Article V of the Constitution a means for states to petition Congress to call “a convention for proposing amendments” that could be used to enact term limits.

Just 36 states are needed to make this happen, and petitions supporting the effort are online.

Carl Fischbach

Egg Harbor Township

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