Timeshare law

would create jobs

State Sen. Jim Whelan, D-Atlantic, has led the charge to promote legislation that encourages tourism in the Garden State. Tourism, a $40 billion industry in New Jersey, drives economic growth and supplies jobs to thousands of residents.

Recently, Whelan has fought for legislation that would grow the timeshare industry by making it easier for people to obtain a license to sell timeshares. Currently, to sell a New Jersey timeshare, a person must hold a real-estate license. This legislation, approved by both houses of the Legislature, would create a new licensure process specific to timeshares.

As the CEO of FantaSea Resorts, a company that manages timeshares, we see this as an opportunity to attract more tourists and to create jobs for New Jerseyans. The new licensure requirements will allow our organization to expand and grow. I can foresee us expanding our staff substantially. It is our hope that Gov. Chris Christie signs this important piece of legislation.

Timeshares are a growing industry nationwide, employing nearly half a million people and contributing $70 billion yearly to the economy. With New Jersey's beautiful destinations, we can be a popular timeshare destination with a thriving share of this market.



FantaSea Resorts

Atlantic City

Closing Catholic schools

drives up education costs

Recent stories concerning Catholic-school closings should remind taxpayers that the students being displaced by these closings will now attend taxpayer-funded public schools at twice the cost or more that parents were paying for private-school tuition.

Higher taxes will be required to send these children to public schools.

Some taxpayers have said they do not wish to pay for Catholic education. It will now cost them more to send these children to public schools. Unions will insist on more teachers and improvements to public-education contracts, with higher taxes the result.

Since teachers in the private-education system are accredited - and in many cases are equal to or better than what is offered in the public-education system - why not let parents decide where to educate their children?

We need choice for parents, along with payment vouchers at set amounts to allow parents to educate their children at any state-accredited schools, including the public system.

Shuttering private schools will only result in higher taxes for public education, with the highest percentage of these taxes benefiting administrators, unions and teachers. Very little is actually spent on the children in New Jersey Education Association-controlled schools.


Little Egg Harbor Township

Fox News has proven

it lacks any credibility

Regarding the June 6 letters, "Fox News offers an alternative to liberal media and academia," "There is a reason Fox News leads ratings" and "Anti-Fox News ranter should look in mirror":

A recent study by Farleigh Dickenson University found that people who didn't watch any television news were better informed on world events than people who watch Fox News.

I really didn't need a university study to tell me how factually wrong Fox is. The shocked looks on the faces of the hacks on Fox News on election night when President Barack Obama wrapped up an early win said it all. They just could not believe that after many months of Obama-bashing - with ridiculous stories about birth certificates and charges of him being an anti-American Muslim, and with lots of Fox polling that showed Mitt Romney was a sure bet to win the presidency - Romney actually lost.

Romney was so sure he was going to win - because for months Fox had reported he was going to be the next president - that he didn't even have a concession speech prepared. He found out just how accurate Fox is, and so did the rest of the world.

After being exposed once again as one of the most incompetent so-called news organizations ever, the propaganda pushers at Fox have directed their attention once again to spinning facts into scandals, trying to smear the president. The problem is no one but Republicans is buying it. Obama still has approval ratings of more than 50 percent.

Could it be people won't care about Benghazi or the Internal Revenue Service until we finally get the truth about that other big scandal - why George W. Bush lied about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction and rushed us into a war that cost thousands of lives and trillions of dollars and was supported by - you guessed it - Fox News?

Republicans can cry about how Fox is getting a bad rap and the liberal media are hiding the truth about Obama, but the sad truth is they get their information from a news outlet that has the same credibility as professional wrestling.



Stone Harbor road

should honor Wilson

On July 3, 1911, New Jersey Gov. Woodrow Wilson dedicated the road into Stone Harbor.

The road into southern Ocean City is named after Franklin D. Roosevelt. The road into Sea Isle City after John F. Kennedy. The bridge into Wildwood is named after George Redding.

I think it is fitting to rededicate Stone Harbor Boulevard after Wilson, especially with the new overpass being constructed on the Garden State Parkway. After all, how many times are you going to get a future president dedicating a road into your city?


Cape May Court House

Media fail to report

attacks against Christians

A recent report from the Vatican notes that 100,000 Christians are murdered every year in Muslim lands. There is essentially a purge taking place to rid "Muslim lands" of Christians, yet we hear or read virtually nothing about this in the mainstream media.

Christian groups that have inhabited the Middle East since before Muhammad founded Islam are living in fear and many are fleeing for their lives. Churches are regularly burned or attacked.

There was the recent butchering in London of a young British soldier by two Islamist immigrants, the stabbing of a French soldier in the neck, the Boston jihadists, the reduced sentence for a Muslim who decapitated a Catholic bishop in Turkey and so many more incidents that go unreported by the politically correct media.

Moderate Muslims, with few exceptions, are strangely silent regarding these atrocities. President Barack Obama's support of the Muslim Brotherhood, a terrorist organization with staunch expansionist views, has turned the Middle East on its head.

It is time to report the truth. Our very future could depend upon it.


North Cape May

Conservative leaders

hoodwink their followers

It is ironic that people complain to The Press about the "liberal" media. It is apparent this newspaper has a conservative slant, given the handful of Atlantic County Republicans who have their letters published on a monthly basis.

Most media outlets are owned by large conservative corporations. It is alarming when liberal academia and intelligence are labeled as bad things. I guess some people don't take kindly to no book-learnin'.

Members of the Republican base follow leaders who only care about the rich because they get hoodwinked by false-promise ideology concerning freedoms and patriotism.

Conservatives don't seem to recognize that preaching smaller government is contradictory to what conservative leaders actually do in Washington. Republican officials support all forms of freedom-suppressing laws designed to protect us from ourselves. Where are all of the Republicans who oppose seat-belt laws or the war on drugs? This "war" is especially hypocritical, because it creates a semi-police state and has wasted billions of dollars achieving absolutely nothing. How's that for wasteful spending and restricting freedom?

And please, Republicans, get over the Benghazi "scandal." Do people realize there were 11 attacks on American embassies and consulates under the George W. Bush administration with dozens killed and injured? Where was the outrage then? Every day in the Philadelphia/South Jersey region, American citizens are brazenly murdered. The Benghazi hawks don't seem to be bothered by these killings. Interesting.



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