Cape chamber supports S.J. Gas pipeline project

On behalf of the Cape May County Chamber of Commerce, I'm writing to express our continued support for the South Jersey Gas pipeline reliability project to convert the B.L. England electric generation facility from coal to natural gas.

New Jersey must be proactive in increasing reliability in the area in light of the scheduled retirement of Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station. And with only one major pipeline serving Cape May and Atlantic counties, business and residential customers are vulnerable to a loss of service. Should a disruption occur, customers could be without natural gas service for months and the loss to local businesses and the economy would be devastating.

I urge the Pinelands Commission to approve this common-sense project.



Cape May County Chamber of Commerce

Both parties have failed to fix nation's problems

When President Obama leaves office in January 2017, it will end 16 years of bad leadership by two presidents, one Republican and one Democrat. The Bush administration was blindsided by the 9/11 attacks and seemingly clueless when the economy collapsed in 2007.

Barrack Obama has spent trillions of dollars trying to fix the economy without much to show for it and is in over his head on foreign affairs.

The country, state and most likely the town you live in too are in trouble. No politician from either party is going to stand up and tell you the truth and what really needs to be done to fix the problems.

We don't need to make history by electing a third Bush or the first female president in Hillary Clinton, both disastrous choices. We need to choose wisely because we might not get another chance to get the country back on track.



Police promptly respond to report of minor theft

With all the focus lately on police misconduct, I would like to commend the Hamilton Township Police Department for its prompt and helpful response when I reported a theft.

Gift cards worth $100 were taken from the home of a Mays Landing senior citizen, a close friend. Within an hour of my call, an officer was at the door, taking down the relevant information. Then a police detective called to get further information.

It's reassuring to see the police are concerned about crimes against the elderly, whether it's a major or minor crime.


Mays Landing


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