Extend vet caregiver aid

In a recent article in The Press, there was some welcome news concerning the signing into law of bills by Gov. Christie for caregiver services provided to injured or ill veterans who served after Sept. 11, 2001.

Those providing services to veterans are in need of assistance with the costs of providing care, and these caregiver services are being provided to veterans from World War II, Korea and Vietnam. Because of their age and limited income, they require the same consideration for assistance for caregiver services, but are not receiving same.

Christie and legislators should provide similar consideration for assistance with caregiver services for veterans of all conflicts, rather than only those since 9/11.

Robert Frolow

Egg Harbor Township

Bankers helping prevent elderly financial abuse

The banking industry is the front line for protecting the elderly from financial abuse. Older Americans are increasingly becoming targets for fraud and financial exploitation.

Fraudsters target older Americans because they may be experiencing cognitive decline, limited mobility or other disabilities that require them to rely on others for help. Seniors who live in isolation and have chronic conditions have become even bigger targets.

Because banks are often on the front line, bankers are trained to look for signs that may indicate abuse.

Banks are well-positioned to detect, prevent and report elder financial abuse. Front line staff observe and engage customers on a daily basis and maintain a variety of internal protocols and procedures to protect customers from this abuse. Warning signs bankers look for include unusual account activity, unpaid bills or eviction notices, suspicious signatures, new “best friends” and new powers of attorney or altered wills.

NJBankers is doing its part to help by partnering with Senior Crimestoppers (www.seniorcrimestoppers.org), whose mission is to keep nursing-home residents free from theft, abuse, neglect, financial exploitation and more. The banking industry funds the entire program.

No one who has worked a lifetime should be subjected to financial exploitation. Those who suspect elder financial abuse should speak with local police and Adult Protective Services in the appropriate town to report the issue.

John E. McWeeney Jr.

President and CEO New Jersey Bankers Association

Taxes are too much

The PILOT program should be eliminated. The casinos in this area aren’t worth a dime. They have been nothing but trouble for the taxpaying family since they have been in this area.

The annual Social Security cost-of-living raises haven’t amounted to anything for a few years. This has not been brought up since the election.

I can see why people are leaving this area, they are being taxed to death.

Who knows how big are the raises the county officials are receiving.

Tax rates on all properties are too high. Taxes go up because they say you live near a golf course or the beach and boardwalk, so that’s a view tax. Which is bull.

Leonard J. Corbo

Somers Point

Some writers hysterical

For the past 18 months, the Voice of the People has far surpassed the comics section for hilarious entertainment. The hysterical rants advanced by some willfully ignorant indoctrinated lemmings would have kept MAD magazine in business.

Richard Ming

Atlantic City

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