We put up with more

than the colonists did

America will celebrate Independence Day next week. Many of us will attend parades and barbecues to celebrate our independence from Great Britain - freedom that was paid for by the blood and sacrifice of our brave patriots more than two centuries ago.

It would be difficult to find any American who doesn't believe our country deserved to govern itself free of British rule. The Stamp Act, the Tea Act and the phrase "taxation without representation" are ingrained in us as some of the reasons our forefathers chose to revolt against what they felt was a tyrannical government that didn't have the support of many of the American colonists.

But if England's relatively low taxes on colonists were the catalyst for a revolution in 1776, why do we now accept the fact that many of us pay 30 percent or more of what we earn in federal, state and local taxes?

While hardworking American taxpayers barely make ends meet and our infrastructure continues to fall apart, our so-called leaders continue to waste our tax dollars helping corrupt foreign governments, supporting illegal aliens, and creating poorly managed social programs that actually discourage personal responsibility.

Maybe it's time for America to wake up to the staggering costs of funding our out-of-control government and start having a revolution each Election Day by electing those who truly understand our founders' vision of liberty and prosperity.


Galloway Township

Build a long jetty

at end of Longport

Having lived on Maine Avenue in Atlantic City in 1951, I watched the approximately mile-long master jetty being built in what was then an uninhabitable area at the south end of Brigantine. Now the jetty is three-quarters buried in sand.

At a meeting held in Margate by the Army Corps of Engineers awhile back, I discussed building a master jetty at the south end of Longport. Such a jetty would move the sand-scalloping riptide current further out, which would widen the whole Absecon Island beach and eliminate the need for unsightly dunes along the Boardwalk. It also would prevent dangerous shoals in the Great Egg Harbor Inlet, making it safer for boaters.

Obviously it must have been thought about, because when asked the cost, one of the engineers said "about $30 million." Since that time, hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent replenishing the beaches, only to see the sand washed away by the next northeaster.

I would think those in political power would do their utmost to preserve and protect this valuable barrier island. I'm sure a jetty would lessen the damage from future hurricanes and make it safer for boaters using the inlet.



Christie undermining

solar and wind energy

Gov. Chris Christie is no friend of the environment. Instead of allowing New Jersey to be a leader in clean-energy projects, he is removing money from the Clean Energy Fund and pressuring the Board of Public Utilities to reduce the scope of solar projects by not approving projects and by gutting the solar-rebate program. Needing money to overcome budget deficits, Christie has taken more than $162 million from the Clean Energy Fund, money set aside for solar and wind projects.

New Jersey was a leader in solar and wind but is now in a free fall. Most devastating is the lack of support for the solar and wind industries. We are now losing jobs and companies to other states.

Come on, governor. Do the right thing. Stop raiding funds for other projects. Let's get the solar and wind industries back on track. You have been great at helping Sandy victims. Why not incorporate solar and wind into the rebuilding of the shore? What a great legacy that would be for our grandkids.


Wildwood Crest

Tell Christie you want

renewable energy

An article by Jeff Tittel, chapter director of the New Jersey Sierra Club, in the July-September 2013 issue of The Jersey Sierran said that the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities has dramatically reduced the number of solar electricity projects authorized in New Jersey. Gov. Chris Christie is reducing the number of renewable-energy facilities to be built instead of carrying out his commitment to renewable energy.

Let the governor know that we expect him to live up to his commitment to renewable energy.

The governor also has taken $162 million from the Clean Energy Fund that was initiated to promote renewable-energy projects. Meanwhile he has given $2 billion in subsidies to natural gas power plants. This is not what anyone would call a commitment to renewable energy. Let's opt for clean energy for New Jersey.


Ocean View

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