Longport homeowners

knew ocean was there

The March 15 story, "Longport to state: Save Our Shoreline/After Sandy, borough wants sea kept at bay," made me scratch my head.

The people on Point Drive in Longport have, as their neighbor, the Atlantic Ocean. The city's mayor, Nick Russo, said, "What we realized after Sandy was that this is probably the most fragile part of Longport." What an epiphany. Speaking of homeowner Stephen Hankin, the story said that "at normal high tide, spray from breaking waves reaches his kitchen door." Again, no surprise.

Now Point Drive residents want the state and the Army Corps of Engineers - that is, taxpayers - to remediate the problem. I tend to think we should not be responsible. Look, I don't wish getting pounced on by the sea on anybody. But at the same time, that's the chance you take if you build a home literally less than a stone's throw away from the second largest body of water on the face of the planet.


Egg Harbor City

Brown right to push

changes to OPRA

As the mayor of Somers Point, the president of the Atlantic County Mayor's Association and someone who must abide by the Open Public Records Act, I am happy that Assemblyman Chris Brown, R-Atlantic, is fighting for transparent government.

Brown is trying to make more documents available for public inspection. His common-sense approach obligates the Legislature to play by the same rules it imposes and requires municipalities to follow.

Out of 120 legislators, Brown is the only one trying to remove the state Legislature's exemption from OPRA. He understands this is a matter of openness and fairness to the public. I thank Brown for this long-overdue reform.



Somers Point

EHT fire chief

deserves praise

Regarding the March 14 story, "Egg Harbor Township fire chief: I'll open up pike gaps":

Fire Chief William Danz Jr. deserves praise for his comments about the danger of the state's removal of the Black Horse Pike cutouts and how that delayed firefighters responding to a recent fire.

This is an important safety issue for everyone, especially for those who respond to save our lives. Someone should be stepping up to make things work for emergency people until the state decides what to do. The work shouldn't even have been started until a definitive plan was in place.

The State Fire Chiefs Association and the Volunteer Fire Chiefs Association should have supported Danz and should be looking into what can be done, instead of being skeptical of his authority to open the intersections. Thank you, Chief Danz, for your comments on this issue and for all that you and our volunteer firefighters do for us in Egg Harbor Township.


Egg Harbor Township

Adults, too, lack

financial literacy

I agree with the March 13 column by Juleyka Lantigua-Williams, "Schoolchildren need financial literacy." However, as an advocate for adult education, I submit that the need doesn't stop there. Financial literacy falls into the category of lifelong learning, and adults didn't do too well on a 2013 survey from the Investor Education Council.

The survey asked five multiple-choice questions about respondents' financial capability. In New Jersey, only 36 percent of adults answered at least four questions correctly.

That result is not surprising to those of us at Literacy Volunteers Association Cape-Atlantic Inc. Adults need financial literacy as much as, if not more than, schoolchildren do. Many adults are disadvantaged simply because financial services and products are seldom written in plain language.

The National Foundation for Credit Counseling found that 33 percent of consumers in a recent survey reported that they learned personal finance from their parents. That's a compelling reason to support adult education programs.

LVA's mission is to improve lives through adult education. Programming includes health literacy, financial literacy and workplace readiness skills at a level that makes sense. Knowing that adults, as parents, are their children's first teachers, let's educate adults so they have the skills they need to be good role models.


Executive Director

Literacy Volunteers Association

Cape-Atlantic Inc.