Volunteers in Medicine EHC clinic welcome

Kudos to Volunteers in Medicine for expanding health care services to another southern New Jersey location. The new clinic in Egg Harbor Township will offer so much to the Atlantic County community. For the last 15 years, Volunteers in Medicine has been a vital resource for many individuals of Cape May County, who would have limited access to medical care.

As a health care professional and former member of the VIM Board of Trustees, I have seen firsthand how this organization has enhanced the health and wellness of so many. This new clinic will provide a valuable resource to so many uninsured and under-insured residents of southern New Jersey.

Dr. Noreen Sisko

Cape May Court House

Tweeting thrill ride

Who needs a new rollercoaster at Great Adventure when we have the Washington, D.C.. “Thrill-a-Tweet” that we’re all stuck on?

Michael Maggio

Egg Harbor City

Protests unsubsidized

The March 4 letter, “Protesting deplorables,” glibly charged those who have challenged actions imposed by government as participating in “fake protests,” purportedly paid for by liberal groups. The writer did not expand on what is clearly a spurious charge. Just as the word “deplorables” was wrongly injected into the campaign to describe many disenchanted citizens, any attempt to denigrate those voicing concerns by taking to the streets en masse is contemptible.

Adding the conservative canard that these individuals are mostly welfare, food stamp and public housing recipients only demeans the validity and sincerity of their actions. In fact, it’s risible to infer those who protest in support of laws needed to protect the environment are being financed by some unknown party.

I invite the writer to investigate the evolving global climate movement and join those, rich and poor, dedicated to ensuring the health of all Americans is not endangered by special interests groups bankrolling polluters. No label needs to be affixed for participation or any fees paid for having one’s voice heard in support of Mother Earth.

Frank Tamru

Egg Harbor Township

Give everyone same benefits as Congress

The answer to the health insurance problem in this country is to give all citizens the same health coverage that members of Congress receive. If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for everyone.

Or, let members of Congress try to purchase it through the private system (no mandate) with the typical limits on pre-existing conditions, age, gender and lifetime caps. If they are over 65, make them buy Medicare with vouchers like they propose for others.

They too can then learn of the fear of leaving the family bankrupt after dying from cancer (that’s not fear enough) or a genetic disorder that requires expensive medication or treatment. Also eliminate their lifetime pensions and let them rely on savings like the rest of us are told to do. This would be fair and might give them a little empathy for ordinary people.

Terry Dailey

Mays Landing

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