Members of military

don't deserve cuts

Our government has decided to cut the defense budget deeply. The talking heads make it seem as though this has no direct bearing on our troops, the men and women who put their lives on the line for our country. This is a lie. This budget will cut funding for housing, military commissaries and cost-of-living increases. The cuts will also eliminate approximately 90,000 soldiers; make no mistake, that will be 90,000 more unemployed and uninsured people.

A soldier with the rank of private first class makes $20,760 per year. On the other hand, members of both the House and Senate receive salaries of $174,000; additionally, they receive a yearly allowance to pay official expenses ranging from $1.2 million to $1.5 million for House members and $2.9 million to $4.6 million for senators.

Yes, that is for each and every member, even the ones who pass bills without reading them.

When you add in the fact that we send billions in foreign aid to countries that hate us, I think we can all see where cuts really have to be made.

Please use your power at the voting booth. It's time to forget about political parties and choose what is best for America.

The Press always posts a section on how each of our lawmakers voted. Use that information wisely. We really have to get rid of the members of Congress who put themselves and our enemies before our country and its heroes.



Most public workers

don't get giant pensions

Regarding the Feb. 26 editorial, "N.J.'s 100k club/A broken system":

Every time I see an article about the state pension system, I get so frustrated. I am a retired employee who worked for a municipality and a county agency. I receive $1,000 a month and am thrilled to be getting a pension at all. But when I see the payouts of $100,000 plus a year to some of these people, I truly understand the taxpayers' anger.

It is so wrong. Just one of those big payouts is more than what nine of my fellow rank-and-file workers get.

Folks, these are not the majority of retirees. Those of us who were clerks, mechanics, teachers and such are not the ones breaking this system. Please don't put us in the same category as the vultures.


Cape May Court House

Smoking's offensive?

So are a lot of things

Regarding the Feb. 25 editorial, "Public smoking/Ban it everywhere":

As you acknowledge, smoking is legal. I fully understand banning smoking in public buildings and offices. However, you suggest banning smoking outdoors to cater to nonsmokers who find the smell of cigarette smoke "offensive." I find the smell of some people's cologne or perfume offensive, and it makes me nauseous. Should we ban cologne and perfumes in public buildings or outdoors?

Don't sit or stand downwind of a smoker if it bothers you.

Regarding smoking on beaches, I find other beachgoers' actions offensive also. What about the children (and adults) who feed the seagulls who then swoop down on everyone? Or the parents who allow their children to kick sand on people sitting nearby and never say a thing to them? I think we should ban children on beaches.

I totally agree that cigarette butts left on the beach are a litter problem. Fine the people who leave their butts on the beach, but don't ban smoking on the beaches because a few do not pick up after themselves.


Egg Harbor Township

Do your homework,

don't elect amateurs

If we don't stop just voting the party line - or not voting at all, as some Republicans did because Mitt Romney was not conservative enough in their opinion - we will continue the cycle of electing people who just can't do the job.

Let's face it. We have an amateur in the White House in President Barack Obama. After five years in office he has failed to move the economy forward. This is a perfect example of what happens when you elect the wrong people. The president has spent billions of taxpayers' money trying to get the economy moving without much real success.

Before you vote in the next election - local, state or national - do your own homework and research the people you are trusting your future to, because we can't afford to keep electing amateurs.




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