Volunteer firefighters

deserve more respect

Regarding the Feb. 27 story, "Fire company has Ocean View residents scared":

I am the proud daughter and sister of two Ocean View volunteer firefighters. My father, for 25 years, put his life at risk every time that alarm went off. My brother, for 10 years, continues to put his life at risk every time that alarm goes off.

As for the residents who "don't feel safe " and believe that firefighters "don't respond fast enough," remember that these men and women aren't paid to help you. They are risking their lives to help save other lives.

These are men and women who have kids, families. Once they get on that truck, they may never see their families again.

I think it is sad that Ocean View residents have nothing better to complain about. And now funding will be cut because no one wants a tax increase because of a little bit of bickering. It makes me feel sick.


Collingdale, Pa.

Quakers join call

for gun reforms

As a result of the December killing of the elementary school children and teachers in Newtown, Conn., we would like this "minute," adopted Feb. 17, to express the sorrow and concerns of our meeting relative to our existing gun laws.

We are fully aware that recent Supreme Court decisions have reinforced the Second Amendment and have said that people have the right to own guns. We do not challenge this. Our concerns are about the conditions under which this right is exercised. The right to own firearms implies a responsibility to safeguard those firearms and take reasonable precautions to prevent their falling into inappropriate hands.

We understand that all elected officials have sworn to "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States," which ensures domestic tranquility and promotes the general welfare.

To that end, we support our president in the call for comprehensive background checks for all gun sales, and the banning of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.

In addition to these points, our meeting recognized the following needs:

• Provision of adequate funding to identify and eliminate the many factors and causes behind violent behavior. This may mean improving education, broadening health services, reducing exposure to and glamorization of violence in our society and addressing the medical and legal issues concerning the prohibition of access to guns to those who are a danger to themselves or others.

• Limits on total gun sales and ammunition sales to any one buyer. Disallow purchase or delivery of ammunition through the mail.

• Ban the civilian purchase of the kind of ammunition classified as hollow-point bullets.

We hope that everyone who reads this minute will give it careful consideration.



Co-clerks, Seaville Monthly Meeting

Religious Society of Friends


Revel management

made many mistakes

Revel is $1.5 billion in debt. Has Revel's CEO or any of its upper management had experience running a casino? Why would anyone spend $2.4 billion to build a casino and not have the best people to run it? How much experience does Kevin DeSanctis have?

With comps, Revel goes by how long you play, not how much you win or lose. You can't put everyone in the same category. People with big money can lose thousands in a short time; they deserve a nice comp.

Revel's concert lineup is good, but if it doesn't become a casino for all people, it is not going to succeed. Maybe its owners should have just opened a theater or club.

There is no easy access to the casino. Most casinos have an inside entrance. You don't have to fight the weather to enter. People don't come to Atlantic City on cruise ships, they come in cars and buses.

From Oriental Avenue to Revel's entrance is a wind tunnel. It doesn't have to be a windy day to get blown away. You never see people walking toward Revel's entrance.

Revel's management team is so arrogant it has not put the casino's name on the top of the building. There is only a large ball. As for slot machines, why would I think I'd have a chance to win at its machines if Revel is bankrupt? Ask any slot player.

Revel seems to only want high rollers, not average people with cash.


Atlantic City

Let a local singer

welcome Miss America

I am glad to know that the Miss America Pageant is coming back to Atlantic City where it belongs.

Years ago, when I was a band parent for the Oakcrest High School Marching Ambassadors, marching in the Miss America Parade on the Boardwalk was a very exciting event. Most of our local high school bands participated. People in the crowd were happy because there was someone they knew marching on the boards. It was a connection and sense of pride for us all. I hope this tradition will continue.

I also have a hope for "one of our own" to sing the National Anthem and the Miss America song for the pageant. I would recommend Jim Craine. He's local, has loads of talent and would do a great job. He and his big band have hosted many events not only for Atlantic City but other towns in the area as well.


Mays Landing

Galloway needs sidewalks

leading to school buildings

Not having sidewalks in school areas is dangerous. There aren't a lot of sidewalks around Absegami High School, the Roland Rogers and Reeds Road elementary schools and the Galloway Township Middle School.

Many kids have to walk to and from these schools. Most of them walk in the street. Any driver could get distracted and not see the kids and hit them.

The solution to this problem is to put in sidewalks so all these kids can be safe.


Galloway Township

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