State priorities wrong in A.C. spending cuts

When the word “bankruptcy” got inserted into the public conversation about Atlantic City about a year ago, elected officials outside of Atlantic City started to pay attention. They didn’t pay attention to local elected leaders, because they knew they wouldn’t have to. The law the governor and Legislature were about to pass stripped away much of the mayor’s and City Council’s governing authority. They didn’t pay attention to city residents either — because their ability to oppose measures via voter referendum would also be stripped away by the new law.

What they paid attention to were those seeking to profit from Atlantic City: bondholders, Wall Street and casino executives, and those looking to privatize public services.

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The massive budget cuts imposed by the state make these moneyed interests happy. The cuts give them peace of mind that the city’s bond rating will improve and debt payments will be made.

Unfortunately, the real impact is felt by residents and public workers throughout Atlantic City. Massive cuts and layoffs of police and firefighters are being pushed and public safety is being threatened.

The New Jersey State AFL-CIO and public workers employed in Atlantic City have launched an awareness campaign to educate residents about the inability of the state takeover officials to properly fund the most important of government services — keeping residents safe.

The public should join us. Only through our collective voices can we send a message that Trenton’s priorities in Atlantic City are all wrong.

Charles Wowkanech

Ocean City

President, N.J. State AFL-CIO

Faults bridge design

The designer of the new Garden State Parkway bridge was no genius. There are no shoulder lanes for vehicles that break down or are involved in an accident on it. This is a total waste of taxpayer money. The blue prints probably were inspected by some politician’s friend or donor.

The bridge has a walkway. Is there going to be a walkway down the Parkway, or is this a walkway to nowhere? Something has got to be done with these tax and spend Democrats.

Anthony Mazziotti

Ocean City

Backs EHC skate park

In response to the attempt by local skaters to build a city-sponsored skate park in Egg Harbor City, I strongly encourage the skaters not to give up.

My son is a passionate BMX rider. We drive 40 minutes once a week to go to a private park and pay $15 a head (the things we do for our kids). This is America. Make it happen. Write the business plan, find the investors, build the business. We will be first in line.

Dawn Brooke


Let bathroom signage reflect plumbing within

There’s an easy, simple solution to the transgender restroom problems. On one of two restroom doors, state “Commodes (toilets) Only.” On the other restroom door, “Urinal Stalls Only.”

What happens behind a commode enclosure door is anyone’s guess. What happens behind the urinal stalls only door is anyone’s easy guess. Problem solved.

Joe Toomey

Margate City

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