Blame Bush, Cheney

for thousands of deaths

Regarding the March 7 letter, "Defender of Obama left out some facts ":

I guess the writer would like to have seen General Motors and Chrysler go under, which would have affected millions of people.

But let me talk about a very serious issue - the loss of nearly 4,500 American troops in Iraq.

It was George W. Bush and Dick Cheney who dragged the United States into war, all based on lies. Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. Bush also stated that bin Laden was irrelevant. Bush and Cheney should be tried as war criminals for causing not only the deaths of U.S. troops but the deaths of thousands of Iraqis, including women and children.

Try listening to a different news source instead of Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Fox News.



Veterans must act

to stop benefit cuts

Veterans, please act to stop the changes President Barack Obama and the Democratic Party are making to cut the pay and benefits of our military and veterans.

The Department of Defense has proposed a Tricare overhaul that includes increases in enrollment fees, annual fees and co-pays or offering one health care plan that combines Tricare Prime, Extra and Standard. It also wants to cut the size of the Army to pre-World War II levels, to slow the growth of housing allowances and to eliminate commissary subsidies at most domestic bases for our military and veterans.

Be cautious of Democrats when they say, "It is for veterans."

If you are in the military or are a veteran and you vote Democratic or do not vote at all, this - or less - is what you will get.


Mays Landing

Drones will mean

the end of privacy

Regarding the March 12 story "Tech center panel: Drone fleet coming":

I must be missing something with all the hallelujah about drones.

Is this the bitter end of physical privacy? Will people be able to swim in their backyards behind privacy fences? How about your balcony on the 33rd floor?

What's to stop a person from spying on someone they have it in for? May I pull my shotgun and blast a drone with the camera hovering over my home? I think not. Will there be strict penalties for misuse? Probably, and we know how that deters determined outlaws.

Although there are many lifesaving applications for drone technology, I am very suspicious of these flying robots. They remind me of science fiction movies, and humans usually pay a high price in those.


Galloway Township

Government can help

put people to work

Regarding the March 11 letter, "Liberal policies destroy work ethic ":

This letter is riddled with conjecture, unsubstantiated information and exaggerated rhetoric. Let's look at the facts.

The work ethic in our country is genuine, enthusiastic and stronger than ever. History has proved that our government has always been a leader in job creation dating back to the National Industrial Recovery Act of 1933 in response to the Great Depression. It created jobs for a tremendous number of unemployed people. The Public Works Administration revived our economy, stabilized our purchasing power and restored pride in our workforce.

More recently, our government bailed out banks, financial institutions, the automotive industry and the housing market, all to save thousands of jobs.

When government gets out of the way and lets our profit-oriented systems work, we see downsizing, mergers and acquisitions, shuttered retail chains and manufacturing jobs lost to outsourcing.

So, take another look at the Americans pulling the wagon, and you will see it reflects not our lack of motivation but the undeniable shrinkage of opportunities.


Little Egg Harbor Township

Change in perspective

is always educational

Regarding the March12 Leonard Pitts column, "Dad is dying, and daughter live-tweets it":

At the outset of reading this piece about Laurie Kilmartin, I bristled at her idea of making jokes on Twitter as her father was dying of lung cancer. I initially thought it shameful.

However, after I finished reading it, I had a different view.

My point? Viewing another's perspective is educational. I still learn something every single day.



Adoptees deserve

access to records

Regarding the March 12 editorial, "Adoptee rights/Sign this bill":

Thank you for your support of the Adoptees' Birthright Bill. You are right that this issue boils down to a basic civil right that those of us who aren't adopted take for granted.

Not all adoptees are interested in a reunion with their original mothers, but everyone should have the right to know their family history. And the ties go further than those between mother and child. Many adoptees have found siblings or other relatives. They have been able to find closure and, for some, new family ties. This was true for my wife, an adult adoptee, when she met her two sisters last year after 60 years of living separate lives.

The fears of those who oppose this legislation have not been realized in the states that already have given adoptees access to their history. Gov. Chris Christie has a second chance to do the right thing and sign this bill into law.


Cherry Hill

Electricity rate increase

should be investigated

We were receiving our electricity from New Jersey Gas & Electric through Atlantic City Electric, our distributor. In August, 2013, the supplier rate was $0.11353 per kilowatt hour. The rate was increased in December to $0.25423. This increase of more than 100 percent, over a five-month period, is exorbitant and unconscionable.

The enormous rate increase by a major New Jersey supplier has affected many state residents - particularly senior citizens and others on fixed incomes. Furthermore, the lack of advanced notification and the sticker shock of January and February's extreme weather have put an unfair burden on customers. This rate increase has been a financial catastrophe for many individuals.

We have contacted NJG&E, but have received no satisfaction. We have switched suppliers and will now use Atlantic City Electric for both supply and distribution.

Rate-gouging needs to be addressed, and remedial action needs to be taken, including refunds to customers. Additional oversight by regulatory agencies should be implemented to minimize seemingly fraudulent practices.




Ban dangerous smoke

from all public places

Regarding the March 5 letter, "Smoking's offensive? So are a lot of things":

The letter writer says people should stop bothering smokers. She doesn't like cologne and thinks maybe that should be banned.

Smokers are so oblivious to the outside world that all they can think about is "Poor me" and "Give me another drag."

I don't like cigarette butts on the beach, and for that matter I don't like the smell of a cheap overpowering cologne or perfume.

But that has nothing to do with the big picture. The butts are one thing, but the real issue is the harmful effects of secondhand smoke. Los Angeles has banned all smoking everywhere in public.

Smoking should be banned everywhere, nationally, for health reasons. People who don't care about their own health should not jeopardize the health of others. Maybe health care costs will come down and some lives will be saved.


Egg Harbor Township

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