Domestic spying scandal

Regarding the Feb. 7 commentary, “Anti-Trump, pro-Clinton partisans abused U.S. law enforcement”:

That memo is the worst scandal that has transpired in our lifetime.

It is not a bi-partisan memo — it describes how our government can follow our life throughout. Government shadows us on their intelligence machinery without our knowledge.

Stop listening to Democrats — they’re scared as hell in this Russian probe. After all, they were conflicted with the cable channel news and fake media, and they are still making up stories about President Trump. Rep. Adam Schiff is the worst one on the Democratic team.

The media should get the facts before they decide what is and is not appropriate to make public, and without more memos.

Maryann B. Gillane


Don’t legalize marijuana

Regarding the Feb. 7 column by Carl Golden, “Murphy’s campaign promises run into fiscal and political reality”:

I applaud Bishop Jethro C. James Jr., senior pastor of Paradise Baptist Church, Newark, as a member of the governor’s transition team and for his stance against legalized marijuana. In Colorado, the number of vehicle accidents and vehicle deaths are up. After two years of legalization, the number of Hispanic and African American youths arrested for marijuana-related offenses has risen as well, while white youths arrested for identical crimes has declined.

Recreational use/legalizing is not the answer and only exacerbates the problem. Why are many in the black leadership not condemning their own? Snoop Dogg recently invested heavily in the marijuana industry in California. He has a moral obligation to help the lives of young people, not start them on the road to misery.

Young people are the greatest resource this country has. We can ill afford to have them walking, driving, working in a brain fog. The innocent children walking and being driven to school are in peril. Expect auto insurance to go up and sadly car fatalities. What kind of world do we want to live in? Say no to legalized marijuana.

Frank Palazzo

Atlantic City

Men taking unfair hit

I would like to give a “shout out” to men, who have been taking a beating over sexual harassment, daily, in the news.

As a senior, I have always liked and respected men, and have received the same from them.

Certainly the present-day sexual misconduct must be exposed and hopefully diminished. Those exposed have lost their reputations, careers, livelihoods and that will act as a deterrent in the future. Surely abused women have been heard from, but I believe men in general have taken a hit, and that’s not fair.

Sometimes we Americans go over the top on our problems. Let’s hope we have learned from this experience and move on.

Nancy Woerner