Obama's weakness

emboldened Putin

I am very disappointed with our president. Due to his inability to lead our nation and the free world, he has destroyed our nation's credibility and stature in the world. Do you think that Vladimir Putin would have tried what he is doing in Ukraine under any other U.S. president? No. It is just because of Barack Obama's extremely poor leadership in the world and our nation.

Obama hid the facts in the Benghazi deaths and now is hiding the facts in the Internal Revenue Service scandal too. I wonder what he has in his plans for the U.S. military in the future.

In the heat of the 2012 campaign, during an October presidential debate between Obama and Mitt Romney, Obama ridiculed Romney over his concern about Russia as a geopolitical threat. Who is out of touch now?



Christie responsible

for what his cronies do

A leader is responsible for the choices he makes regarding the people who work for him. The tone/attitude of those people reflects back to the leader - in this case Gov. Chris Christie.

Their job is to support efforts to improve New Jersey - not to get involved in political vendettas or promote their self interests or those of their boss. The George Washington Bridge incident is like an iceberg - the most dangerous and largest part is hidden from view.

Christie fired a staffer regarding Bridgegate; however, David Samson, a long-time Christie advisor and founding member of the Wolff & Samson law firm, remains chairman of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. As chairman he has made several votes that benefited his law firm enormously. This is an obvious conflict of interest. Also keep in mind the Hoboken mayor's statement that members of the Christie administration tied Sandy relief to a land-development deal by the Rockefeller Group - which is represented by Samson's firm.

Every taxpayer in New Jersey should start asking about where the dollars are really going.



Veterans' residency

should not matter

Regarding the Feb. 17 story, "Hamilton plans boost for veterans":

The chairman of the township's Veterans Advisory Board, Russell Bongiovanni Sr., says he opposes the proposal to set aside 5 percent of the township's contracts for veterans because it would not benefit just township residents. As a veteran's advocate helping veterans wherever they live or visit, I cannot understand any veteran restricting or directing assistance to veterans based on residency.

In the military, we never questioned any soldier's residency, and in civilian life a veteran is a veteran, period.

Any assistance in any manner to any veteran anywhere deserves approval and recognition.


Mays Landing

Press right to report

Margate librarian's pay

Regarding the Feb. 23 story, "Margate library boss pay tops rest," and two recent letters defending the librarian's $136,000 salary:

I commend librarian James Cahill for doing all that he does. I just wish when I created efficiencies in my job and did things outside of the norm I was rewarded with an extremely high salary. But after all, isn't that my job - and his job?

The Press had every right to run this article reporting his salary and comparing it to librarian salaries in different communities. And I found the excuse of Margate being a resort community pretty funny. So for three months a year there's a higher-than-normal influx of people. What does one do for the other nine months?

Taxpayer money is the concern, and there's little doubt that's why the article was written. I know I'm tired of more and more of my paycheck going to everyone else but me.



'Do Not Call List'

doesn't seem to work

Would someone please tell me what happened to the "Do Not Call List"? I have signed on to this list several times since its inception, and the calls are now out of control.

I guess the Federal Communications Commission does not wield the power that it should and is looking out more for special interest groups.


Atlantic City