Rand Paul made history

defending Constitution

We have witnessed a pivotal event in American history. The "line in the sand" filibuster by Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., was not about party, but about a bedrock constitutional principle of deep concern to members of both parties.

Rand raised a constitutional question requiring a straight answer from the president regarding the confirmation of John Brennan as CIA director: Does the president believe he has the constitutional authority to use drones to execute non-combatant American citizens, on American soil, without the due process guaranteed by the Fifth Amendment of our Bill of Rights?

Our Constitution works when it is obeyed by those in office. For too long, our three branches of government appear to be in a state of amnesia brought on by scurvy. This can be easily cured by a healthy dose and regular consumption of vitamin C - in this case, C standing for Constitution.

If America is to continue to survive and prosper as a free and independent nation, it will be through responsible Americans respectfully demanding that our elected representatives restrain their legislative passions to within the constraints prescribed by the Constitution they swear to.

In the past, Paul often stood alone in the Senate. Now he is recognized by both parties as the rallying point for our Constitution.

The filibuster has served to put the executive branch on notice.



Peter F. Boyce is a candidate in the Republican primary election for Assembly in the 1st Legislative District.

Government officials

should lose pay, perks

Regarding the budget crisis, why is it that the ones who did not cause the crisis have to suffer for it? Should not the people who cause the problem be the ones who have to pay a price for it?

The first ones who should not be paid because of the sequester are the ones who caused it. No one in the executive branch, the judicial branch or the legislative branch should get a paycheck or any benefits until the budget crisis is fixed.

Why should the educational system, police departments, the military and other agencies be penalized? I heard that 10,000 convicts may be released from jail because of the budget disagreement. Perhaps an equal number of people in government should take their place and serve out their terms.

This is a long-term problem, and the solutions have to be long term. People who cannot see beyond the next election cycle should not be in charge of the budget. Consistently, our elected representatives has shown themselves not to be responsible.

Why not let those who actually pay the taxes decide where their money should go? Once a budget is written, everyone can decide how much of it they agree with and have their tax money spent on that portion of the budget.

When I eat out, I get what I want and pay for it. Why should government be any different? Perhaps this will increase voter turnout.


Galloway Township

Electric company knows

who's paying light bill

Regarding the March 11 story, "Streetlight mystery leaves A.C. in the dark":

Why can't the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority or Atlantic City or both ask Atlantic City Electric Co. to list each streetlight, the charge for it, who owns it and who is responsible for its maintenance?

That would be the fastest way to get the data, which easily could then be applied to a map. Maintenance could begin quickly. A current employee of the city or the CRDA could make the map.

It would be refreshing to save both time and money for a change.


Somers Point

Streetlights contentious?

Only in Atlantic City

Regarding the March 11 story, "Streetlight mystery leaves A.C. in the dark":

Only in the town that's "Always Turned On" could an item as basic and trivial as streetlight maintenance become a contentious issue.

This routine repair is handled throughout the civilized world without any problem but apparently that's not the case in Atlantic City. City leaders should have nipped this issue in the bud and kept the streets lit to the max. I guarantee you that Gov. Chris Christie would have found a way to replace some light bulbs.

For goodness sakes, just repair the lights and send the bill to the proper authority afterward.


Galloway Township

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