Teen's WTC stunt

was terrorist act

Regarding the March 21 story, "N.Y.: Teen eludes security for selfie atop WTC spire":

Here is a kid who needs to be charged with terrorism and sent to Guantanamo Bay for a short time to teach him a good lesson.

With the slaps on the wrist kids get nowadays, they treat the laws as though they were a joke - and they are, when you think about it. Slaps on the hand, plea bargains, criminals out of prison for good behavior and paying criminals while they are in jail. Who says crime doesn't pay?

Why should anyone take the law seriously when we don't treat offenses like this seriously? If you don't take this seriously now, stop whining when terrorists bring down the new tower. Evidently not enough people died the last time, because we don't take these things seriously.


Galloway Township

Use solar, wind and gas

at B.L. England plant

The B.L. England power plant should remain a source of energy production for our area. Although the Pinelands Commission has voted against a pipeline to convert the facility to natural gas, another option could satisfy all parties.

What if the facility were converted to use a combination of different fuels? Compromise is the lubricant of democracy. If the plant was converted to a facility in which natural gas was put back on the table alongside solar and wind, I believe a compromise could be reached.

America's future energy production must include renewables. Let us find a sensible compromise.



Obama defenders

have facts wrong

Regarding the March 20 letter, "Blame Bush, Cheney for thousands of deaths ":

The writer, who still wants to blame President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney after more than five years of President Barack Obama, has a few things wrong.

First, the war in Iraq was not based on lies. It was approved by both Democrats and Republicans in Congress, who were told there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Those weapons were moved out before the U.S. moved in.

While Iraq was strategically necessary for controlling the area, we were finished with our war in Afghanistan. Obama decided to increase the number of troops in Afghanistan and pull out of Iraq.

As Daniel Patrick Moynihan said, "Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts."


North Wildwood

Republican voters

won't be intimidated

Regarding David Horsey's March 24 political cartoon featuring a raving man who is supposed to represent the "GOP base":

This vicious cartoon really got my dander up. It is part of a campaign to demonize anybody who dares to stand up to President Barack Obama's incompetent policies. They will be labeled as racists in order to immobilize them prior to elections.

I am one of those who is opposed to Obama's policies, one who would have voted for a competent black person for president, someone like Gen. Colin Powell (prior to him becoming a Democrat in spirit,) Condoleezza Rice or Dr. Ben Carson.

Moreover, let's stop this talk of "first black president," "first woman president," etc. It's time for a competent president.

Those of us concerned with the direction of the nation under Obama and his Democratic cohorts will not be cowed into staying home come November. Our concern for the nation's future will be a shot heard around the world, signaling that we aren't taking it anymore.

The real racists are those who willy-nilly hurl the racist label and render it virtually meaningless.



Margate can't afford

state's beach project

What is happening in Margate is a slap in the face to its citizens. Mayor Mike Becker and Commissioner Brenda Taube asked for direction regarding the dune project. Many volunteers worked tirelessly without compensation to present the honest facts to residents. A non-binding referendum was held in November, and citizens voted against the project by a margin of 65 percent.

Now Becker and Taube are saying it is too costly to stand up to the state. They have been given direction, as requested. Now it is incumbent upon them to follow through.

The cost of fighting the state is negligible compared to the cost of beach replenishment over the years, the loss of property values and tax revenue and the loss of the beautiful beaches we now enjoy. One look at the Ventnor beach replenishment using dark sand and broken shells should convince anyone that Margate does not want or need this project. The Army Corps of Engineers and its contractors will benefit, not the homeowners of Margate. Let your voice be heard.



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