Forgiving beats hating

I understand why some people don’t like President Trump, and that’s because they have to hang onto every bad statement Trump has made since the beginning of his campaign. Such people, including the Democrats and some Republicans throwing stones at Trump, should look in the mirror and ask themselves how many sins they have committed in life. Yet God still forgives them.

These things bother me: Congresswoman Maxine Waters called Trump’s administration “a bunch of scumbags.” A New York Times reporter called Melania Trump a “hooker.” The media has bashed Trump since his campaign began. Nancy Pelosi has called Trump a liar and incompetent. Whoopi Goldberg and “The View” promote racism, hatred and vengeance toward Trump every day, looking like a trash-talking show. Hollywood stars all of a sudden come out to criticize Trump and call him names and don’t give him respect at all.

The ignorant and hateful people, and so-called self-righteous who are already rich, should stop complaining and try to unite with everyone in the world, instead of trying to destroy it.

Joseph Geralis

Egg Harbor Township

Trump supporters blind

How anyone can still say they approve of President Donald Trump escapes me. He has told so many lies, denigrated so many people including POWs, the judicial system and worse, United States of America etc.

To paraphrase from the Bible, there are none so blind as those who will not see.

Michael Santambrogio

Egg Harbor Township

Apologizes to children

I feel a strong need to apologize. For months I have been telling my family and friends that President Donald Trump’s behavior is like that of 5 year olds on the playground. Well, shame on me. I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to all of the 5 year olds across the country.

George Gross

Buena Vista Township

Vet presidential hopefuls

As a registered nurse, I’ve seen employers require urine drug screening, background checks, fingerprinting, driving record, physical exam, two-part interviews, three references from other professionals, and probationary work periods before permanent hire.

It absolutely amazed me recently to learn that Supreme Court justices are not even required to be attorneys to fill their important positions.

What’s more amazing is to be eligible to become president of the United States, one only needs to be an American citizen and at least 35 years of age.

I think presidents in the future should be scrutinized from head to toe to meet stringent requirements to become such a powerful leader.

Thorough psychiatric and medical evaluations by outside qualified physicians should be the mandatory first step before entering a campaign.

Also required should be financial background checks, including taxes, criminal investigation, education qualifications, hair follicle analysis for illicit drugs, work experience (related and unrelated) and employer references.

I want the president to be healthy, law-abiding and honest.

As a nurse, I realize the importance of my job and its responsibilities. Perhaps we should require more from presidential candidates.

Joan Mahon


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