Ukraine gets aid;

Sandy victims wait

Let's hear it for the idiots in Washington. The House recently approved $1 billion in loan gurantees for Ukraine, but the people at the Jersey shore are still begging for their money to rebuild after Sandy. They're still waiting for their money, and we all forgot about them.

If these representatives want to forget about the people who voted them into office, let's forget about them when it's time to vote.


Egg Harbor Township

Obama, Holder

ignore rule of law

President Barack Obama has a skewed view of how things are. If terrorists want to do us harm, can you reason with them? Common sense dictates you stand firm or fight. Reality is what it is, and rhetoric will not work.

Our president sees the world the way he wants to see it. Unfortunately, reality - or laws passed by Congress - don't enter into his equation. His pen dictates the reality.

Know this: The president does not make law - the Congress does. I find it horrific that most people are not outraged over the way this president and his attorney general have overridden the separation of powers and the rule of law.

Attorney General Eric Holder ignores laws he doesn't agree with, and the president changes Obamacare by decree when it suits his political ends. Each abuses his office when he does so.

It shouldn't matter if you agree with them when they do this. They, or future officials, will eventually get to you. When that happens, you will realize that it is too late for you to object.

There is a reason why our system of government has worked so well for so many. It is because our elected representatives can be forced to follow the rules the Constitution sets down. It sometimes takes some time, but anyone can see that if the people we elect reflect the good and moral codes of our marvelous system, tranquility will result. The unilateral dictates of one or two men in high office are not justice for all. American government is not based on revenge - it is based on the common good.


Somers Point

Obama destroying

our once-great nation

Once upon a time, the United States of America was the leader of the world and a great nation. Tragically, since 2008 when 53 percent of a starry-eyed electorate voted for Barack Obama, our country has declined domestically and internationally due to lack of leadership and his divisive policies.

The Affordable Care Act is destroying our health care industry. The past five years of his blatant lies - "If you like your health care plan, you can keep it" - should disgust all voters. His silence regarding Benghazi and conversations between his office and Hillary Clinton are grounds for impeachment. His professed ignorance of his campaign's use of the Internal Revenue Service to suppress activities of tea-party groups should enrage every citizen.

His reaction to Vladimir Putin sending troops into Crimea was to summit a budget to Congress calling for a reduction of our armed forces to pre-1940 strength. His hollow proclamations to the international community have no weight and are a joke.

Obama should be impeached or forced to resign by an outcry of concerned citizens who remember what a great nation we once were.



Critics are wrong

on natural-gas pipeline

Recent comments on the rejection of a natural gas pipeline through the pinelands are based on an incomplete analysis of the facts. Here is my take as a turbine specialist and an environmental services provider.

One-hundred percent wind/solar is not a solution because the technology does not exist to store energy for use during the night or when the wind is not blowing. Of course, it would be the ideal solution environmentally, but at best, 25 percent of the B.L. England power plant's generation could come from these renewable sources.

We have been breathing the soot produced by Pennsylvania coal plants for all of my lifetime. B.L. England produces the same high concentrations of pollution, but our plant sends air pollution out into the ocean on prevailing winds. The Pennsylvania plants feed us contaminated air every day on prevailing winds, and they get to charge us for electricity while they poison our air.

Is it not fitting that we accept relatively clean-burning natural gas from Pennsylvania in order to shut down the Pennsylvania coal-fired power plant that currently supplies our power? Natural gas produces one-tenth the amount of air pollution as coal.

Letter writers also have completely missed the potential efficiency savings from using natural gas in a combined-cycle power plant. The use of exhaust gases in a combined-cycle plant doubles the efficiency of power generation. B.L. England currently uses what is called a simple-cycle power-generation system at approximately 35 percent efficiency. The combined-cycle power plant that is proposed would produce 70 percent efficiency. Therefore, B.L. England would be burning natural gas at one-tenth the amount of air pollution, and, because of the increased efficiency of the system, it would burn half the fuel to generate the same amount of power.

Finally, the Pinelands Commission denied the proposal because of concerns about pipeline pollution. But natural gas leaks up, not down. The pinelands' pristine groundwater could not possibly be impacted by this type of pipeline.



Let homeowners

rent rooms to needy

On March 5, at the public portion of the Ocean County freeholder meeting, I implored the freeholders to use their bully pulpit to encourage municipal zoning that would permit homeowners to rent rooms and apartments within their own homes to give affordable housing to those who currently are without it. This is a workable solution of the past that must be restored for the present.

A shelter created by the county or by any religious group is untenable and deprives the individual of dignity.



Crisp's columns

always welcome

We are always glad when we see a column in print by John M. Crisp. We find this writer consistently excels in providing information that is readable, factual and fair, setting forth all sides of a subject. Crisp seems to have the goal of fully informing yet leaving the reader in a thoughtful place of self-discovery and conclusions.

The more the better of Professor Crisp. Thank you.


Cape May Court House

Walmart unfair

to workers, taxpayers

Should we give a CLIO award or a Bronx cheer to Walmart for the new ad pledging to spend $250 billion on American-made products?

Walmart assures us "work is a beautiful thing," while execs in its cloistered boardroom cynically continue putting profits over patriotism. Employees work hard, yet are paid so little many rely on food stamps to feed themselves and their families.

Who pays for those food stamps? Taxpayers, of course. Americans are indirectly subsidizing the labor costs of Walmart's billionaire owners. Isn't that "a beautiful thing"?

Indeed much, if not most, of the merchandise Walmart puts on its shelves, and will continue to put on its shelves despite its dubious pledge, is imported from China, where factory workers are paid so little and work so many hours that their multistory dormitories are surrounded by suicide nets.

The fruits of America's so-called free-market capitalism are mostly harvested by billionaire owners, investors and executives. Instead of free-market capitalism, might the vast majority of folks in America be better off with fair-market capitalism?

How about compelling Congress to penalizing corporate behavior that's not in the best interests of America's embattled labor force and her citizens? Trade deals that don't benefit our nation also should be nipped in the bud. After all, decent-paying American jobs are a beautiful thing.


Galloway Township

Political correctness

determined Oscar

"Twelve Years a Slave" was a good movie, but it did not deserve to win the Best Picture award. In her only bold joke in the show's beginning, host Ellen DeGeneres remarked about how there were two possibilities that night - one is "Twelve Years a Slave" wins best picture and the other is we're all a bunch of racists.

The academy so feared the latter possibility that it chose to ignore the other greater nominees - especially "American Hustle." In this movie, four great actors and a solid supporting cast delivered flawless performances that exuded an emotion and intensity that few movies can ever attain. Sadly, political correctness reared its ugly head once again.


Little Egg Harbor


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