Hard Rock before TEN

It’s great news that Hard Rock International is purchasing the Taj Mahal casino and will reopen it. I bet that Hard Rock will have the Taj open before Glenn Straub gets his TEN (the former Revel) open.

Maybe there should be a challenge bet between the two that would benefit an Atlantic City charity.

Stephen Schmidt

Galloway Township

Steady GOP supporter

Those Republicans who were so quick to come out and question Jeff Session’s connection with Russia were just looking out for their own behinds, and either worried about re-election or something else that would benefit them.

They should be ashamed for not supporting their party, especially with this latest witch hunt on the new administration.

Ruth Ternyila

Long Beach Island

Overdose antidote just one Mainland initiative

A recent article in The Current, a Press of Atlantic City affiliate, reported that the Ocean City School District may soon equip its high school nurse with the opioids overdose antidote naloxone and is considering a policy related to its use. Mainland Regional High School was the first area high school to adopt a policy regarding the use of naloxone in October 2016. Our policy permits our school nurses, athletic trainer and other trained staff to administer naloxone pursuant to certain protocols.

Immediately after our policy was approved, and despite there being no grants or other funding available to assist with the costs, we purchased seven naloxone kits. Fortunately, we have not had to administer this antidote and we hope that we will not.

Mainland started the One Life Initiative approximately two years ago in keeping with our motto of “One Family-One School-One Community.” Substance abuse education is now incorporated into the heath curriculum at all grade levels.

Additional programs are offered to students and the community. Just last month, and as part of this initiative, Mainland hosted an assembly for eighth grade students in our sending districts with nationally renowned speaker John Morello. The Mainland Regional Education Foundation, working with Atlantic Prevention Resources, gave out free lockable medicine cabinets during last year’s homecoming football game.

Mainland’s board, administration and staff are committed to do whatever we can to provide our students with the tools to keep them safe.

Jill Ojserkis

President, Mainland Board of Education


Mark C. Marrone



Dog beach trash problem

There is a trash problem at Malibu Beach, the dog beach between Somers Point and Longport. The county and state say they are not permitted to pick up trash anymore. Some of us winter residents brought trash cans, only to be told they’re not allowed. They removed said cans.

The summer people make a health hazard. This seems like a simple problem to solve. Why won’t the county and state solve it? Do not close the beach over such a petty situation. Many states have dog-access beaches. Why not Atlantic County?

Erma Kaplan


Don’t end, improve ACA

Being sick isn’t partisan. Getting well shouldn’t be either. The Affordable Care Act — improve it, don’t remove it.

Michelle Post



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