Obama the opposite

of a warmonger

Regarding the March 18 letter, "Impeach Obama for warmongering":

It seems to me that our twice democratically elected president has continually gone in the opposite direction from warmongering. He has gotten us out of one unpaid-for George W. Bush/Dick Cheney war and is doing the same in another.

He has been criticized by the real warmongers, namely Sen. John McCain and Sen. Lindsey Graham, and others like them, for being weak.

First, he's a dictator, and now he's weak. He can't be both. President Barack Obama did not put boots on the ground in Egypt or Syria, and is trying to go the diplomatic route in Ukraine. This is the very opposite of warmongering. Vladimir Putin is the warmonger here, not Obama.


Somers Point

Remove traffic light

on Route 559

Construction is being done on the Sugar Hill Bridge on Route 559 in Mays Landing. Hopefully, when the construction is completed, Atlantic County will remove the unnecessary traffic light it installed the last time work was being done on this bridge.

The full traffic light at Route 559 and Atlantic Avenue was temporarily installed years ago during the last bridge work and was unfortunately left there when the construction was completed.

This light might help a small handful of vocal residents who live on Old River Road, but it wastes a lot of time and fuel for every car that has to stop when going west into town.

Please bring back the blinking yellow light that was working perfectly at that intersection.


Mays Landing

Missing plane shows

•eed for changes

In listening to reports regarding Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, one question dominates most discussions: Who turned off the transponder and many other systems?

From a practical point of view, all system shutdowns should be preceded by personal identification numbers associated with the pilot and co-pilot. This would prevent an experienced rogue pilot who took over the plane from disconnecting communication systems.


Galloway Township

On Margate dunes,

mayor must back voters

Margate Mayor Mike Becker, Commissioner Brenda Taube and Solicitor John Scott Abbott want citizens to believe they have no choice but to join the state's shore protection plan and that it is too costly to stand up and do what is best for Margate. This is not true. Commissioner Maury Blumberg is the only Margate elected official who has demonstrated he is committed to representing the will of the citizens.

The argument that the city can't afford to get involved in an expensive legal battle is disingenuous. The mayor should follow Abbott's earlier advice that the decision to challenge the state be handled by an independent attorney with expertise in this type of law. Abbott's previous involvement in Ventnor and his dealings with the Department of Environmental Protection in his private practice create a potential conflict of interest.

With Taube siding with those who wish to force this project upon us and Blumberg siding with the voters, it is Mayor Becker who will choose the path we go down.

Becker is essentially handing our beach over to the state without even so much as voicing any real objection. Voting against the project was evidently not enough. Now residents need to speak up and compel the mayor to support their vote.

Becker holds the key to either validating or invalidating the democratic process. Will he honor his pledge to do what is best for Margate, or will he fold under pressure and turn the key to our beaches over to the state?



New Jersey needs

state song - or songs

I wonder if New Jersey residents know they are the only U.S. citizens who don't have an official state song or multiple songs. Bills that would have designated a state song have been languishing in the Legislature for the past 18 years. This might seem like a minor issue, but I believe the state can use some positive publicity after so much negative news. There now is a grassroots effort to breathe new life into this effort and shine a light on Jersey pride.

A current bill designates the official state melodies as: "New Jersey, My Home," by Patrick Finley, state anthem; "In New Jersey" with lyrics inspired by former fourth graders, state children's song; "New Jersey, USA," composed by Nelson Trout, state ballad; and "Be Proud To Be In New Jersey" by Mark Winter, state popular song.

Sen. James Whelan, D-Atlantic, and Assemblywoman Linda Stender, D-Middlesex, head the committee that will decide the fate of this measure. I cannot believe the Legislature cannot muster enough votes to pass a bill and shine a positive light on New Jersey again. There simply is no downside.

I urge readers to contact Whelan at SenWhelan@njleg.org or 609-383-1388 and Stender at 908-668-1900 or AswStender@njleg.org.



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