Anti-abortion letter

was pure nonsense

Regarding the Feb. 25 letter, "Pregnant rape victims should keep baby":

It is bad enough that a woman has to go through the trauma of a rape and then have to stand in front of a court and tell in great detail what she went through during the rape. But now a group of people want to force that same woman to carry the child conceived as a result of that rape.

The woman did not want a baby with the rapist. But now people want her to live the rest of her life looking at a baby who reminds her every day of the rape.

The reader even goes on to say that by terminating the baby there is no way to charge the rapist. That is nothing but baloney. Rapists are charged with their crime every day and sent away to prison, without the woman being pregnant.

It's time people stopped forcing their beliefs on others. This is nothing but a runaround to stop a procedure that is legal in this country. These so-called right-to-life people only care about the baby before it is born but are nowhere to be found to help the babies and their mothers after the baby is born.



Traffic is a problem

at Absegami High School

Absegami High School needs an additional entrance or widening of the existing one. The way traffic enters and exits my school is mind-boggling and time-consuming. It is a major hazard that can cause accidents. Traffic at the entrance is just too congested.

Also, there are many students here at Absegami who are late to school because they walk two miles every day. Not having buses causes major turmoil for us walkers. And walking to school in the darkness is a hazard.


Galloway Township

Buena Vista letter

omitted key information

The Feb. 25 letter about a generator for the Martin Luther King Center in Newtonville, "Buena Vista purchased an expensive white elephant," criticized former Mayor Peter Bylone and Deputy Mayor Richard Harlan without mentioning Township Committee members Teresa Kelly, Chuck Chiarello and Sue Barber, who also gave their approval.

During Sandy, a generator was purchased to protect perishables at the King Center's food bank. It didn't power the entire building, but is portable and can be used in other locations, all of which the letter writer, Steve Martinelli Sr., knows. He calls the generator Bylone's and Harlan's pet project, although it has become his.

Martinelli is assisting Chiarello's ongoing efforts to discredit Bylone, Harlan and Barber, which began after they did not re-appoint him mayor in 2012. In January, Chiarello orchestrated Martinelli's switch from Republican to Democrat, and now Kelly and Chiarello are campaign manager and treasurer for Martinelli's and John Williams' primary run against Bylone and Harlan. That's something Martinelli failed to mention, and that's why Chiarello and Kelly weren't included in his criticism.

In their 2012 election campaign, Chiarello and Kelly attacked fellow Democrats instead of their Republican opponents. Now, Chiarello is continuing his efforts to replace Bylone and Harlan. It's sad to see him manipulate people and the process purely to retake his coveted mayor's position.



Obama and FEMA

aren't helping middle class

What has President Barack Obama done for our middle class? He has done nothing to prevent our (too big to fail) banks from confiscating our homes in foreclosure. Then, after Hurricane Sandy, the president came to Brigantine with his pep-talk road show, shaking hands and patting backs, telling the residents we can count on his help.

But the president's minions from the Federal Emergency Management Agency are telling us that our houses are too close to the ground and must be raised. The cost of raising a house can be $60,000, if not more. That's a lot of money for a storm that comes along every 100 years. If you don't raise the house, you could end up paying $30,000 a year for flood insurance.

Thanks for the help, Mr. President. I'm looking forward to three more years of this kind of leadership. I will be lucky not to be living out of a shopping cart.



Wildwood can solve

its own problems

Wildwood has dumped its quest for beach fees, and officials now want to consolidate services with the other municipalities. As a resident and taxpayer of North Wildwood, I have no interest in helping solve the mismanagement woes of Wildwood.

Taxpayers in both North Wildwood and Wildwood Crest enjoy better roads than those in Wildwood, as well as considerably lower property taxes. This is a result of good fiscal management by the elected officials.

Wildwood officials come up with one scheme after another to raise money, from renting RV spaces on the beach to beach bars. This summer, a quarter will buy only 7.5 minutes, instead of 10, at a parking meter. This speaks volumes about how much Wildwood cares about visitors, whom they see as cash cows to be squeezed for as much as possible.

This latest idea of sharing services is nothing more than an attempt to have taxpayers in the other communities pay part of the taxes in Wildwood. Here in North Wildwood, everything seems to be working just fine.


North Wildwood

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