Catholics suffered

for defying Nazis

Regarding the Feb. 13 letter, "Catholic church continues hypocrisy":

In facing a dictator who would surely violate all promises, Pope Pius XI sought a document that could be used to defend the rights of Catholic institutions. The concordat with Adolf Hitler was a statement clarifying the Catholic Church's status in Nazi Germany. Many average Catholics, like other Germans, were not fully aware of the dangers of National Socialism. Most German bishops and priests, however, were alarmed by the Nazis, their anti-Semitic speeches and their use of intimidation and violence.

Hundreds of priests were arrested for speaking out against anti-democratic changes and the persecution of Jews. Thousands of members of the Catholic Center Party were jailed. Catholics who opposed the Nazis were arrested and murdered.

An effective Nazi ploy against Catholic priests (and some Protestant clergy) was the use of show trials that highlighted supposed criminal immorality. A typical Gestapo technique was to lure a priest to an apartment on the pretense of someone needing last rites. Once there, the priest was set upon by a prostitute while Gestapo officials took photos of the bewildered victim.



Use voucher system

to cut casino crime

There is a way to almost completely eliminate robberies, mugging and other crimes in casinos.

Require everyone who enters a casino to purchase a $20 voucher. It can be used for food, drinks, gambling, etc.

If you don't have at least $20, you have no reason to be in a casino. This will eliminate the lowlifes who loiter in casinos, intimidating guests.



Use reasoned discourse,

•ot fear mongering

Regarding Tonyaa Weathersbee's Feb. 19 column, "Black youths shouldn't have to cater to white fears":

Weathersbee is really far off the mark. Two paranoid morons murdered black children under the rubric of Florida's "stand your ground" law, which encourages the pathologic to kill those they see as a threat. Weathersbee says the thoughts and behaviors of these miscreants are typical of white racists. That may well be; I have no way of knowing.

She then suggests that white people in general are afraid of black kids, and it is therefore dangerous for black kids to be around whites, who might be racists with murderous intent.

Well, I'm not afraid of black kids or white kids; I'm afraid of the ideas of people like Weathersbee. I think she is reacting without considering the impact of her statements. Rather than pouring oil on the waters, she is spilling gasoline on a fire.

How does generalization and fear mongering help anyone? Those kids in Florida were victims as much as any person of any color who has been murdered in the epidemic of violence, particularly gun violence, in our country. Their deaths need to be mourned, and bridges need to be built between us. Far more can be accomplished in reasoned discourse than blaming and name calling.


Ocean City

Don't block music

at Ventnor cafe

At the recent Ventnor Zoning Board meeting on Ventnor Coffee, the chairwoman said the only purpose was to decide if music was an accessory to a coffee shop. This was supported by two expert witnesses.

The board attempted to explain the differences between a commercial zone and a mixed-use zone. That is a fine line. There is music on Atlantic Avenue, in Malelani Cafe, which is not much different from Ventnor Coffee.

Some suggestions to resolve this are to limit the size of bands that can play in the coffee shop or limit the hours music can be played.

Ventnor Coffee is a great venue. It could be for Ventnor what The Gilded Cage was for Philadelphia in the 1960s and 1970s.

Stop thinking of ways to prevent success and enjoyment in Ventnor.



Find new route

for gas pipeline

The natural-gas pipeline from Maurice River Township to Beesleys Point in Upper Township will not go through the pinelands. The proposal has been voted down by the Pinelands Commission.

Instead of kicking a dead horse, perhaps South Jersey Gas could find an alternate route. If it costs more, the company can pass the cost on to us, its customers.


Beesleys Point


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