Earth Day column

was full of nonsense

Regarding the April 22 Kevin Horrigan column, "Earth Day offers simplistic fixes to complex issues":

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Considering all the possible contributors on Earth Day, Horrigan definitely received undeserved space to spout nonsense and misinformation, as well as his weirdly cynical view of life on the planet.

Aside from his bizarre and self-indulgent rant about his bear phobia (dude, get help!), Horrigan wastes more space exhibiting his cynicism and complete lack of understanding of the complex environmental issues and opportunities facing us today. He glosses over solutions and poses goofy and irrelevant questions about the problems we face.

Even the headline is incorrect. Earth Day itself does not offer us any fixes to complex issues. It does, however, offer us an opportunity to reflect on how we currently live our lives and how we can live them in a way that at least does less harm to our environment if we can't actually bring ourselves to live in a way that promotes long-term sustainability.

Horrigan apparently doesn't have the patience to contemplate these sorts of things. He is too busy obsessing on grizzly bears and dog poop. Hopefully, The Press can feature more thoughtful observers in the future. Even that odious and supercilious George Will would be better.



U.S. cannot afford

Obama's foreign aid

With the Federal Highway Trust Fund set to go dry by August, shouldn't President Barack Obama think more in terms of shifting money he's been using to help other countries and help his own out first?

It's one thing to help out other countries when you have the money, but Obama keeps giving our money away when we need it here. Has he not figured out yet that without us paying our taxes he wouldn't even be in office? Take care of what needs to be taken care of now, and help others when we're in a better position.


Galloway Township

Federal law does not

limit gun magazines

In the April 27 article, "N.J. gets its guns/With laws in flux, more seek permits," Nicole Bocour, policy director for Ceasefire New Jersey, was quoted as erroneously stating that the "federal standard" for firearms magazine capacity is 10 rounds.

The truth is that federal law currently has no restrictions on magazine capacities; therefore, technically the "federal standard" is an unlimited magazine capacity.

The First Amendment allows Bocour to state things falsely, and that same First Amendment allows me the freedom to correct that statement. Meanwhile, the Second Amendment assures us that this freedom will always remain.



Elected official

can't be a gadfly

Regarding the April 29 editorial, "Banned from Township Hall/Absurd and petty":

Embattled Hamilton Township Committeewoman Aline Dix unknowingly is in a conundrum. She is best known, according to The Press, as a much-needed town gadfly and now as an elected official. A gadfly, according to the dictionary, is "a person who stimulates or annoys especially by persistent criticism." An elected official lives under a quite different set of rules, losing some of the rights of a gadfly.

Elected officials can be held accountable for everything they do and say in an official capacity, many times under a microscope. Much care must be taken. Elected officials also are employers and have the power to hire and fire people, greatly affecting peoples' lives and making themselves and taxpayers liable.

Elected officials need to be very careful about what they say about township employees and how they treat them. Perception is reality. Government is extremely structured, and, like it or not, there are rules, regulations, laws, procedures, contracts and protocols to be followed - not a comfortable environment for a "gadfly."

Dix, it seems, never quite figured out that the rules changed when she went from being a gadfly to an elected official. Perhaps she, and we, were better off with her being a gadfly.


Hamilton Township

Bruce Strigh is a former mayor of Hamilton Township and the current president of the Hamilton Township Republican Club.

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