Media finally asking

some tough questions

It is so revealing how the various Sunday news shows and the other mainstream-media outlets have now shown so much interest in the Benghazi attack, the Internal Revenue Service missteps and the Justice Department monitoring Associated Press phone calls. I suspect most of this newfound interest is the result of professional jealousy when ABC's Jonathan Karl seriously and aggressively challenged White House spokesman Jay Carney on the revisions to the narratives on the Benghazi terror attack.

Except for Fox News, the other networks and media have been reluctant to focus on the Benghazi events and the seeming cover-up for most of the past eight months. Now, because members of the media believe they have been upstaged by Karl, all are jumping on the bandwagon by challenging or criticizing the administration.

It was refreshing to see Martha Raddatz, Bob Shieffer and David Gregory ask serious questions of administration spokespeople on these potential scandals. Of course, the AP may now have renewed interest in critical reporting of events because its staff's phone records have been obtained by the Justice Department, perhaps illegally.

I submit that the mainstream media may now wake up and more aggressively question and challenge President Barack Obama. We owe this to the fact that ABC scooped everyone on the Benghazi narrative-revision story. In families, we call this "sibling rivalry."

As Thomas Jefferson said, "No government ought to be without censors; and where the press is free, no one ever will."



Families of suicide victims

•eed understanding

I want to write about suicides from a personal point of view.

A few weeks ago, my great-niece who was age 12 committed suicide. There was no warning, no indication that she was depressed, just the attitude of a 12-year-old trying to grow up.

Devastated doesn't describe any feelings of sorrows. She took her secret with her. She came from a good family and was loved by all.

This is a sensitive subject and one that touches the hearts of all. As parents, we are on our toes when it comes to our children, watching them, guiding them and loving them. We are there for them.

What happens in the mind of someone who hurts so bad cannot be judged, for only they know what they feel.

Suicides have been going on for centuries. Still, no one has discovered a way to stop them. There are no answers to it. Instead of criticism, people should pray for the family of the deceased.


Galloway Township

Buena Vista budget

has always been balanced

Buena Vista Township Deputy Mayor Richard Harlan displayed a shocking lack of knowledge when he trumpeted that the township has a balanced budget for the second year in a row. Harlan is attempting to trash his favorite target Chuck Chiarello.

Harlan's current running mate, Peter Bylone, has been in office for 25 years and has been a regular member of the township's finance committee. If Harlan had checked with Bylone, he would have found that the township has always had a balanced budget - not just in the past two years. This is required by state law. If the picture Harlan is painting is so bad, he seems to be saying that Bylone hasn't been doing his job.

The fact is that Buena Vista has a new financial officer who is our administrator as well. Chiarello helped to recruit her a few years back and she has updated procedures that benefit our taxpayers.

But why let the facts get in the way of bashing Chuck Chiarello? I suppose he is also responsible for global warming. Get your facts and your stories straight, or, better yet, the voters will decide for you on June 4.


Collings Lakes

Texting while driving

should mean jail time

Nearly 20 percent of drivers on Interstate 95 in Virginia confess to texting while driving, according to a new report from AAA.

That seems to translate into another upsetting statistic: Eight out of 10 traffic accidents in Virginia are related to distracted driving.

Remind me not to ever drive on this road.

The penalty for anyone who is involved in an accident while texting should be jail. Innocent people should not die or be injured because we have people who don't know how to use common sense. The rest of society needs to be protected from people like this.


Galloway Township


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