Stronger pet dealer rules easy on hobby breeders

Regarding the May 10 editorial, “Sure, strengthen pet-dealer rules again ... after the election”:

The editorial board has as little knowledge about the pet store bill (S3041) as the governor apparently had. The opinion lacks due diligence in research and thorough understanding.

The designation of hobby breeders as commercial for state purposes is a wild exaggeration. Current law defines any breeder that sells more than five dogs/cats per year for profit as a “pet dealer.” So they’re already pet dealers. This proposed legislation did not create that requirement. (Read the “pet dealer” definition in N.J.S.A. 56:8-92, the Pet Purchase Protection Act.) What this proposed legislation did do is cut these breeders a break by labeling them a pet dealer only if they sell 10 or more dogs/cats per year — allowing for larger litters. (Read the “pet dealer” definition in S3041).

Hobby breeders would not be subject to harsh penalties under the state’s law unless they were required to obtain a U.S. Department of Agriculture license by federal law standards — not N.J. law standards. If a breeder requires a USDA license per federal law, they are not a hobby breeder. The sole requirement for a hobby breeder under S3041 would be to report the number of dogs/cats sold per year but only if they sell more than 10 dogs/cats per year. Period. (Hardly an onerous requirement.)

The editorial shows no understanding of the current law, the proposed legislation or what a hobby breeder vs. a commercial breeder is.

Janice Fisher


Puppy Mill Awareness campaign coordinator

Friends of Animals United NJ/NY

Amtrak engineer must be prosecuted for crash

What a great outcome for the engineer on the Amtrak train that killed eight and injured many more in Philadelphia. The local prosecutor, acting on an investigation possibly by Amtrak employees, came to the conclusion that there wasn’t enough evidence to charge the engineer.

If I’m going down the parkway at over 100 mph and hit a bunch of cars, kill eight people and injure many more, they are going to charge me with causing the deaths of those people.

The Amtrak train was going over 100 mph and couldn’t make the turn.

The difference is that the police will say that it was my fault and charge me. I will most likely go to jail. Amtrak and its union probably didn’t want to blame one of their employees. So the prosecutor doesn’t pursue charges and they agree to give millions of dollars to the victims.

The only evidence they needed was that he was exceeding the speed limit and that is the only reason for the crash. There never was any doubt it was his fault.

Sad that no one is held accountable. Justice wasn’t served.

David Wessel

Galloway Township