Tax-abatement plan

a bad idea in Ventnor

Ventnor's City Commission is considering offering property-tax abatements to boost the lagging real estate market and ultimately improve the town's tax base. But abatements will be no help for most residents. In fact, current taxpayers will be socked with subsidizing residents who can either afford to improve their homes or build new ones. How is that fair?

This is the worst time to consider a tax-abatement plan. Taxes are rising again this year. Part of the problem is declining revenue, which the tax-abatement plan is supposed to correct. But a better plan is to do what everyone else has to do when times are tough - look at the spending side of the ledger.

Maybe commissioners could show up every day or so and manage their departments. Maybe we could spend less on administrative personnel. And maybe we could convince other towns to join us as we get more serious about sharing services.

Giving away the store now hoping to improve the tax base a few years from now will not help us any time soon. Municipal taxes are escalating on top of soaring water bills, rising school taxes and increasing county taxes. If the commission would get the budget and taxes under control for all of us, then Ventnor would become more attractive, and the revenue base would improve as a result.



Don't hike gas tax

on N.J. commuters

Regarding the April 30 story, "Christie called roadblock to transport fund":

Some people want to increase the tax on gas. Is this the solution for every monetary problem in New Jersey? If you don't commute, then you're OK with it. But for the majority of people in New Jersey, that isn't possible.

This would just take more money out of people's wallets and make it harder to live in this state. If you want to raise the gas tax, then figure out a way to reduce the biggest tax of all - property taxes. Then I could afford to pay more for gas.


Galloway Township

Please let us keep

our TV40 friends

We agree with the writer of the April 28 letter, "TV40 workers like family to us." We consider Michelle Dawn Mooney, Dan Skeldon, Pete Thompson and the others to be friends we look forward to seeing. They are a great help to those living in South Jersey. The Philadelphia stations never get the weather right.

Please, please, NBC. Reconsider and let us keep TV40 news.



Galloway Township

Stop illegal dumping

in Ventnor West area

I'm writing this letter regarding the illegal dumping in Ventnor West, mainly back on North Swarthmore Avenue leading to the bay.

This is a very great place for fishing and birding, etc. In the last two months, illegal dumping has ruined this area. The state is putting cameras in wooded areas to spot illegal dumping. I think it's time for Ventnor to invest in a few of these and also post signs noting that there is a $50,000 fine for dumping.

If Ventnor chooses not to put cameras there, then at least block the road so the dumpers can't get out there. Just leave a trail so fishermen and birders and other people who enjoy this area can still get out there. It's the last place in Ventnor like this. So let's save it before it's too late.



Burying whale

on beach a mistake

Regarding the dead whale that washed up in Atlantic City last week:

Why is it OK to bury a whale on the beach where people visit? I definitely will avoid this part of the beach this summer. Knowingly resting on a burial site for a decomposing whale is not appealing.


Atlantic City


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