Sandy convinced me -

Margate needs dunes

Should Margate take advantage of the shore-protection money being offered by the state and federal governments to protect our beaches and property? Yes, today I think so. Frankly, before Hurricane Sandy, I was not in favor of such a project, but after witnessing Sandy's wrath and how dunes can protect us, I've changed my mind.

The most devastation from Hurricane Sandy occurred where dunes did not exist. The damage was significantly less where dunes were present. Mitigation must be part of our recovery; we have to protect our infrastructure and the property of our residents from future storm damage. Even after Sandy has come and gone, a few of Margate's beach blocks continue to flood at high tide during a full moon. It's my understanding that the shore-protection project being presented will eliminate this problem.

Funding options to bolster Margate's coastline have been discussed with the N.J. Department of Environmental Protection and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The worst case scenario is Margate being responsible for 9 percent of the total cost; so if the project cost $10 million, Margate taxpayers' portion would be $900,000. I know it's a lot of money, but perhaps it's a wise investment when you consider the protection and peace of mind it offers us.

We can't question the fact that the sea level is rising. I understand change is difficult. I don't like it either, and we are all also concerned with how the dunes will change our beautiful ocean views. For me, though, the priority now is not the view but safeguarding the property of our residents from further weather-related damage. Additionally, if we have more protection, like a wider beach, might that not affect our flood insurance rates or the proposed base flood elevations of homes?

Up to now, I have only heard positive feedback on the proposed shore-protection plan, but all of us serving on the City Commission wish to hear more from Margate residents. Please let us know your position.


City Commissioner


Livesaving-station story

is well-documented

Regarding the April 26 story, "Saving livesaving station takes time":

As one of the many volunteers who battled for a dozen years to save this wonderful historic treasure on its original site, I applaud this article. But I strongly object to a person in the article characterizing station history as "a huge story that has not been told."

I would like to call readers' attention to my booklet, "For Those in Peril: A History of the Ocean City Life-Saving Station," which is available at area outlets and tells the story both of U.S. Life-Saving Station 30 and of the long fight to save it. Proceeds from the sale of my booklet have been donated to the restoration effort.

I am a charter member of the current nonprofit, U.S. Life-Saving Station 30, to which I've given a list of every surfman and keeper who served at Station 30. In addition, I've spoken to a number of area organizations, promoting the station's history and restoration. For the sake of the station's rescuers, back in the day and now, I urge that their history be respected and properly acknowledged.


Egg Harbor Township

President doomed

•ew gun legislation

The Democrat-controlled U.S. Senate rejected proposed gun legislation, and the actions of the president and reactions of columnists and letter writers show why nothing can get done in Washington.

One Senate proposal from two members - a conservative Democrat and a conservative Republican, both with top National Rifle Association ratings - would have expanded instant background checks. Another bill would have limited magazine size.

All of the liberal pressure groups, including those funded by billionaire ultra-liberal George Soros, wanted something to be done.

But the president doomed any chance of passage by his name-calling, bullying and shameless use of Newtown, Conn., families as props. His in-your-face attitude forced some who might have voted for this to rebel. And the name-calling has continued.

Frankly, I think the result was proper. See the number of shots fired by trained police officers in an attempt to bring down two terrorists in Boston, and tell me that a mother defending her children doesn't need as many shots as she feels comfortable with.

But the president's action can only be explained by his inexperience and arrogance, or by his desire to not enact anything and preserve this as an issue for the congressional elections in 2014.


Egg Harbor Township


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