More live racing

•eeded at ACRC

I want to thank The Press for its coverage of the live race dates at Atlantic City Race Course. The crowds averaged more than 6,800 race fans per day. We caught six beautiful days of live racing.

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I wish the New Jersey Racing Commission would increase the race dates to 10 days or give us six more dates in the fall. Doesn't the Sunday crowd of more than 13,000 fans say that live racing is alive in South Jersey?

Everybody had a wonderful time, and many families were there for many activities. Please, give us more live race dates for all racing fans.



Parade conflicts

with Yom Kippur

I have lived in Atlantic County all my life and have always enjoyed the Miss America Pageant. As a synagogue member and a fairly observant Jewish individual, I am writing because of my concern that the Miss America parade is scheduled to begin on the most holy of Jewish holy days, Yom Kippur.

After fasting all day, observers will not be leaving their synagogues until about 7:30 p.m. They will need some nourishment prior to attending anything, let alone a parade on the Boardwalk.

I cannot get over how inconsiderate the pageant committee is in not thinking of the Jewish population of Atlantic County and its surrounding area when scheduling this event. Is there someone from the parade committee who could explain their disregard and improper thinking in selecting that date?



Christie's weight loss

shouldn't be news

I just find it amazing, with all the problems facing this country, that the big story of the day is Gov. Chris Christie's weight loss. The country is in deep trouble. We are drowning in debt, the economy is on life-support, and we still have no credible explanation for the death of Americans in Benghazi.

When was the last time anyone in the news media pressed President Barack Obama on our out-of-control spending? We are nearly $17 trillion in debt. The economy is still bad, yet the president gets a free pass from the media.

We have four dead Americans in Benghazi who begged for help and no real answers about what really happened, yet the media give Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton a free pass.

But the top story of the day is about the overweight governor of New Jersey? Unbelievable.



Can you sign your name

without learning cursive?

Regarding the May 3 story, "Schools write off cursive/Handwriting style no longer required":

I have a few questions. How will our future citizens sign legal documents, endorse their paychecks or sign for the purchase of a new home or car?

Many of those who supposedly benefited from the changes made in recent education policies cannot do simple math without a computer. As a previous letter writer stated, "What progress we've made over the years. It's remarkable."



Immigration reform

is a costly mistake

Do you know the two important facts every American needs to know about the Senate Gang of Eight's massive 867-page immigration amnesty bill?

1. Predictions are that it will add nearly 34 million people to the U.S. labor force in the next 10 years. And it will allow another 20 million-plus guest workers on top of that. With more than 21 million Americans unemployed, underemployed or no longer looking for work, our economy cannot support adding that many new bodies to the work force.

2. The Heritage Foundation says its provisions to grant amnesty to illegal aliens will cost American taxpayers more than $6.3 trillion over the next 50 years. The long-term costs in social services for amnesty recipients will create a devastating financial burden for generations to come.

The Senate Gang of Eight has cooked up a recipe for national disaster. The last thing we need right now is higher unemployment and more debt - and that's exactly what they deliver in this "comprehensive" amnesty bill.

I want to make sure every American knows these two disturbing facts about the immigration bill. Call our senators, Robert Menendez and Frank Lautenberg, to share your concerns.



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