Forget A.C. tram,

keep rolling chairs

As someone who grew up happily in Atlantic City in the old days of Steel Pier with Tony Grant and Atlantic City High School on Albany Avenue and before this crazy "Show us your shoes" during the Miss America Parade, I am vehemently opposed to the Atlantic City Jitney Association's proposed tram service on the Boardwalk.

Let Wildwood have its trams. We have a history with rolling chairs.

Many of our wonderful historic landmark hotels have been demolished. The rolling chairs are one thing that helps make Atlantic City unique. Jitneys perform a valuable service on Pacific Avenue, but please, let them stay there. Preserving history is a good thing. Advertise it. Maximize it. You can't sit in a tram and watch the Miss America Parade.


Somers Point

Many motorcyclists

drive dangerously

I live in Cumberland County and consider myself a good, safe driver. But when motorcycles get behind me, I do get nervous because they creep up on your bumper and practically ride on top of you.

One recent Sunday I had the scare of my life - two motorcycles were behind me, one kept creeping up on my bumper, the other one kept his distance. I was on a back road, went to pass a car, and before I completed my pass, the motorcycles flew by me, forcing me off the road into a huge puddle. My granddaughter and I were both shaking.

Looking out for motorcycles is one thing, but when they drive crazy like that, they get what they deserve.



Keep criminals

from getting guns

Regarding the April 27 article, "N.J. gets its guns/With laws in flux, more seek permits":

One thing lacking from the article is the percentage of crimes committed with legal guns. It is common to read about a shooting by a former felon or someone out of jail on bail. It is currently illegal in every state that I know of for a criminal to legally purchase a gun. If you want to reduce the crimes with guns, stop the flow of guns to criminals, not law-abiding citizens.


Egg Harbor Township

Old attractions

could help A.C. today

If we want to bring Atlantic City back to life, gaming cannot do it alone nor can celebrity chefs and so on.

How about some real attractions like I visited in college a hundred times - such as the Miami Seaquarium? After all, this is a sea coast.

Many years ago, General Motors had an exhibit on the Steel Pier. You'd think a major car corporation might entertain that idea today. Millions of people visit us every year; they might see a free exhibit and buy a car when they get back home.

We need more attractions that are not going to cost the visitor a lot of money but that would enhance Atlantic City .

I think Atlantic City needs a "shirt-sleeve expert" - someone who knows the hospitality industry from the ground up.

Sometimes simple is better. What was old is now new. The air show and the Miss America Pageant are done very well. But we need the band playing every weekend. And for Pete's sake, the next time a world-famous producer wants to make a TV series about Atlantic City, let's get him to do it here.


Egg Harbor Township

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