Forgeries will rise

as cursive falls

Regarding the May 3 story, "Schools write off cursive/Handwriting style no longer a required skill":

I think the fact that cursive writing has been removed from the Common Core of Standards taught in New Jersey is the worst thing to do for our personal safety.

How do you expect to sign a bank loan, marriage papers, mortgage, or even a last will or driver's license? Are you supposed to print your name? When someone forges your name in print, authorities will have a hard time detecting a forgery.

We should be thinking about what will help us, rather than make a field day for the crooks.


Egg Harbor Township

Retirees must retain

benefits they earned

This May marks the 50th anniversary of Older Americans Month, recognizing the valuable contributions senior citizens make to our communities. With so many older Americans under economic assault, we need to take action so this anniversary is more than just another Hallmark holiday.

In my working years, I and tens of millions of Americans like me accepted lower pay and fewer vacation days in exchange for pensions and retirement health-benefit guarantees. The pay we didn't receive then was supposed to fund benefits when we got older. Instead, more than 10 million American retirees are experiencing the cancellation or significant erosion of once-guaranteed benefits.

While millions of U.S. retirees dedicated their careers to employers and in retirement can no longer switch jobs or withhold our labor, a new, ethically challenged breed of CEOs is taking away benefits we earned and which we already funded in our working years.

America's seniors need to flex some muscle and be a force on Capitol Hill to fight back. I urge my fellow retirees and their families to stand with the non-profit, ProtectSeniors.Org to fight for the survival of America's older citizens.



Benghazi coverage

is important, overdue

It was nice to see that ABC News finally started asking some questions on the Benghazi scandal. The other media usually just let Fox News do it all.

This is a very important story, and you would think that everyone would want to know what is going on. The Democrats want to keep to their story that investigating this incident is just a witch hunt. Well, the parents and families of the four Americans killed in the attack would like to have answers. They were lied to from day one, and that is pretty obvious to anyone watching the hearings. Is there even one person in this administration who knows how to tell the truth? I hope we will get somewhere now.

A couple of weeks ago, two sports figures made the news. One was Tim Tebow, who was let go by the Jets because he is a Christian and they didn't like his following. Is that because they didn't drink enough beer or maybe they bowed their heads in prayer? The other, basketball's Jason Collins, told the world he is gay. That made all the news channels and he even got a phone call from the president.

Recently the Pentagon announced that people in the military are no longer allowed to share their faith with others. If they do, they will be court-martialed. Would someone please tell me what is going on with this administration?



Artist Jacob Lawrence

•ot unknown in A.C.

Regarding the May editorial, "Jacob Lawrence and Atlantic City/Needed role model":

Kudos to Atlantic City School Superintendent Donna Haye for instituting Jacob Lawrence Day in the city's schools. Thank you to former state Sen. William Gormley for understanding the magnitude of what he learned from Nelson Johnson. I am grateful to Nelson for the thorough research in his book, "The Northside."

However, as a local arts advocate for more than 30 years, I take offense at your claim that Jacob Lawrence is virtually unknown in his birthplace.

I am an educator, former chair of the Atlantic City Arts Commission, graduate of the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, N.Y., former volunteer at the Atlantic City Art Center and current member of the Noyes Museum of Art of Stockton College. I find it hard to believe you are not aware of the Atlantic City Chapter of The Links, Inc. This international women's organization hosted a well-attended art exhibit of Lawrence's work several years ago at the Atlantic City Art Center.

As an African-American woman, I am frustrated by this omission. As an arts advocate, I am disappointed that it took so long for the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority to realize the value of an arts community and that the Atlantic City Alliance had to pave the way.

Atlantic City residents have understood this quotation by the Russian poet Vladimir Mayakovsky for years: "Art is not a mirror to reflect the world, but a hammer with which to shape it."

I hope your recommendation that Atlantic City find a way to create a permanent exhibit in Lawrence's birthplace documenting his career is well-taken.



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