Vote 'no' on bond act

for college construction

Not long ago, 2012 was the future, and we went heavily into debt to assure that the future would be a good one. Well, the future is here, and things are not very good. College degrees do not guarantee jobs any more. We have no factories for anyone to work in. There is far too much debt and not enough jobs. And more bonds guarantee more debt.

Let's give the future generations a clean slate instead of deeper debt. Vote "no" on Pubic Question No. 1, the "Build Our Future Bond Act."


Galloway Township

Neither candidate

has a real jobs plan

Come November, I hope there will be a plan for me and many other college students to have careers after graduation, as promised by the candidates.

Many young Americans are hurting from higher education costs and burying themselves in more debt. President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney both want to improve jobs for college graduates, but so far I am less likely to support Obama because he's asking to be re-elected based on his promises.

What has he done during his four years to raise the employment rate? If it's not possible to lower the 7.8 percent unemployment rate, then be honest and don't offer the promise.

Since when have businesses given an employee a promotion based on a promise to do better? Frankly, all this debating is making me believe that neither of the candidates has a measurable plan to employ Americans.

As of now, I don't even feel like there's any value in voting. How will one man change a country in four years? Unless there's a concrete plan in place that shows me that recent graduates won't be competing with seasoned professionals for entry-level positions, I will not vote.


Galloway Township

Give locals discounts

at casinos in storms

The casino hotels in Atlantic City had to close and local residents had to evacuate because there was a storm coming. Why can't locals get a storm-related discount for rooms at some of the safest buildings on the East Coast? That way, everybody wins.

Why was I turned away from five different casinos when I was trying to park my car in one of the garages before the storm? The casinos should be embracing the locals during these storms and filling their rooms with locals. Why can't we figure out a way to make the casinos packed with locals during these storm events, so that everyone wins? Rooms are sold and locals are housed. It sounds like a win-win to me.



Obama clearly better

for workers, women

President Barack Obama stopped the massive job losses of George W. Bush's administration and has steadily added more and more jobs. Unemployment is now lower than since the Bush years.

In one year, Mitt Romney made $3.5 million on his overseas employees. I'd bet that number is much higher on the tax returns he won't release. He has, is, and will fire his American workers and invest that money in China, where child slave labor is common. He believes in a global work force where the cheapest labor gets the factory. While Obama saved untold auto workers' jobs, Romney wanted bankruptcy for General Motors in order to get rid of workers' pensions and health care, while he gives tax breaks to the wealthy.

Obama does not believe men should control women's health care options, but Romney's Republican platform opposes abortion even in cases of rape.

If you need another reason not to vote for Romney, I would offer my mother's wisdom that you cannot judge someone by the color of their skin, but you can judge someone by the company they keep - and without the racist vote, Romney would lose in a landslide.



Study sample ballot

before going to vote

As an election worker in Vineland, I am writing this to the voters of South Jersey concerning their sample ballots.

This election will see a large turnout of voters. In Vineland, voters will be voting for the offices of president, U.S. Senate, House of Representatives, freeholder, mayor, City Council and school board, plus two public questions. This is a very lengthy ballot.

Other ballots in South Jersey are similar. I urge all voters to familiarize themselves with their sample ballots. Please sit down and take the time to read it over. Check the front of the sample ballot to see the location of your ward and district. Then go over the ballot and locate the position of the candidates of your choice.

Being familiar with the ballot will save time for you and other voters on Election Day. Also bring your sample ballot with you when you go to vote.

If you haven't received a sample ballot, call the County Clerk's office and request one.



Thank Republicans

for balanced budgets

Regarding the Oct. 29 letter, "GOP has no record of fiscal responsibility":

Only Lyndon Johnson's last budget was balanced - in 1969, when Republican Richard Nixon was inaugurated. LBJ thought we could afford a war in Vietnam as well as his "Great Society," which produced tremendous growth in federal spending that is to this day contributing heavily to the federal budget deficit.

As for the surpluses in 1998, 1999, 2000 and 2001, these were the years the Republicans had taken over the House and Senate, thanks in large part to their Contract With America. It required, among many other initiatives, a balanced budget. President Bill Clinton did not like this contract, but he realized he was up against Republican majorities and a public that was behind them. This contract by Republicans produced the budget surpluses in the Clinton administration, not Clinton himself.

President Barack Obama came into office with hefty majorities of Democrats in both the House and Senate. He produced the biggest deficits in history. When Obama was inaugurated, our national debt was under $10 trillion. Today it is about $16 trillion. This nation 236 years of age is $16 trillion in debt, and Obama is responsible for over a third of that debt.

The letter writer whines about federal budget cuts. Cutting spending and getting rid of waste is one of the best ways to balance a budget and bring about fiscal responsibility.



Cape May County

•eeds Walt Deegan

I was disappointed to read the Oct. 25 story, "Construction at NextGen unlikely to start in 2012." This is unfortunate in a region that needs some high-paying technology jobs. It appears that the project is still suffering from the problems that were created by poor management of the South Jersey Economic Development District. The SJEDD board and staff simply fell down on the job.

Freeholder Len Desiderio was chairman of that board. He is currently running for another term as freeholder. Cape May County is also beset with economic issues that need attention and a new approach. There is no doubt that tourism is the major industry in the area. The time has come to start looking for other areas of economic development.

I would like to recommend the candidacy of Walt Deegan for the office of freeholder. His platform is to work to bring quality year-round employment to the working families of Cape May County. Walt is a veteran of the hi-tech industry, having served more than 40 years in high-achieving sales positions. He knows what business needs to succeed.

A resident of Wildwood Crest, Walt has managed the Scoop Taylor Summer Slam Girls AAU Basketball Tournament for 20 years. The Chamber of Commerce says the tournament generates more than $2 million annually.

I know Walt has a genuine interest in promoting a better quality of life for the citizens of Cape May County. He needs your vote to make that happen. He is my friend, and I know he has the energy and commitment to do the job.


North Wildwood

Romney shares beliefs

of Kennedy, Reagan

Arguably, two of the greatest modern-day presidents were John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan - a Democrat and a Republican who shared many core principles in economics, foreign affairs and defense policy.

Every voter should Google and listen to the Dec. 14, 1962, speech that Kennedy made to the New York Economic Club. It eloquently explains the importance of supply-side economics, which he successfully deployed in economic conditions very similar to today's. Reagan ultimately copied these policies, and Mitt Romney is now proposing them.

Both Kennedy and Reagan also espoused that a vastly superior military, efficiently built and unquestionably lethal, was the path to peace. Our enemies must fear us, and the United States must lead from a posture of strength, not negotiate from a posture of weakness. Romney shares these beliefs. Like Kennedy and Reagan, Romney believes our allies must trust us as a stable, moral, fair and genuine friend. Remember President Barack Obama's off-microphone comment to then Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, saying he could be more "flexible" once he was re-elected?

Obama pledged to cut our deficit in half; instead, he grew it by $1 trillion per year. He increased regulations at a stunning rate, thereby stifling the engine of our economy and employment.

Our taxes are high, our deficit is crushing, unemployment is rampant. Our allies don't trust us, and our enemies don't fear us. Listen to JFK's speech and vote for Romney.




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