Voting system needs

overhaul, standardization

The election process in Atlantic County, and most probably in our nation, is antiquated and needs an overhaul - from the machines and ballot mailings to record books and verification.

No voter should be turned away when questions of eligibility arise. That's the reason we have provisional ballots, so that voter eligibility can be verified. All states should have the same machines, notices and verification system for every vote. Federal regulations must prevail on the right to vote.


Mays Landing

Obama won - what's

the GOP's plan now?

Congratulations to President Barack Obama. He won re-election despite much opposition and name-calling every day of his first four years. It's truly almost beyond belief.

The goal was to make him a one-term president. Millions and millions of dollars were spent on negative ads on television and radio. He had birther problems and racial problems and was blamed for every catastrophe that has occurred on land and sea, despite what he inherited.

Well, "Plan A" did not work, so what's "Plan B"? When will the members of the House and Senate do the work that the people deserve?

How can Republicans say Obama was a "do nothing" president when they voted against and criticized his entire agenda? If he didn't do anything and they were not afraid, then why was so much money spent to defeat him?

The president has another tough four years and cannot take his eyes off what is important in leading this country forward, no matter what the radio and TV people say.

God bless our 45th president, the American people and the United States of America.



We all have reason

to be truly thankful

My family drove down from North Jersey to Vineland to share Thanksgiving with us. As is my custom, I enjoy giving a toast before the blessings are said and we begin our meal. I can remember many Thanksgivings being bittersweet - the November after the attacks of 9/11, the Thanksgivings as our troops fought in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the Thanksgiving after my dad passed away. Then came this Thanksgiving, so soon after Sandy paid us an unwelcome and devastating visit.

So I thought about what I might say and soon found the answer on your Thanksgiving Opinion page. Your Thought for the Day was a prayer of thanksgiving by Buddha, which reflected the thoughts of so many who lost so much but still had each other and still remained hopeful and thankful.

Then there was the letter by Edwin Matos, stating that we are all in this together, and that "as long as we have a fair shot of doing better, we will be OK." He is correct. All any of us can dare to ask for is a fair shot. Americans are resilient, and people from New Jersey are even tougher than the rest. We will repair, we will rebuild, we will prosper.

And in spite of every obstacle nature - and, in some cases, our government - throws our way, we will be OK. And we will be thankful. For we all have something to be thankful for.



Power of kindness

stronger than Sandy

As we watched the surreal images of towns devastated by Sandy and the agonized faces of people victimized by the mind-numbing destruction, we also witnessed the inspiring invincibility of the human spirit. It was in the kindness of all the anonymous volunteers who quickly gave so much of themselves to help so many in need without any regard for recognition or reward.

It was in the generosity of all who readily donated whatever they could to communities and organizations in the struggle back to normalcy. It was in the courageous resilience and strength of will of all who lost their homes, cars, furnishings and generations of precious photos and mementos that families treasure.

But such cherished memories dwell in the heart and can never be washed away. And although the power of nature caused such inconceivable suffering and loss, in its aftermath we found the immeasurable power of kindness, compassion and our faith in each other.



Secession movement

un-American, scary

This secessionist movement going on these days in nearly every state, New Jersey included, is the most appalling idea that I've ever heard. Secession drove our country into the Civil War in the 1860s, and my biggest fear is it will happen again.

These petition signers are people who for some reason cannot deal with our country's principles of democracy and majority rule. They have zero tolerance for people who express different opinions and would rather die than compromise - or, worse, attack and ruin people who disagree with them. I believe it's their dream to start their own utopias where their minority beliefs are the rule, such as occurred in Afghanistan with the Taliban, and in South Africa and other countries.

I was as disappointed as anyone who supported Mitt Romney that he lost the election. But unlike these secessionists, I choose to accept the majority's decision and go about my life - working and paying taxes while continuing to be civic-minded and speaking out. Because I am, above all else, an American, and nothing in this world is going to change that.



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