Hunting close to home

Hunting for the “sport” of it, in my opinion, is very sad, but hunting so close to my property is downright illegal.

This is what happened recently right behind my house on Southampton Drive in Smithville, when someone shot a wild turkey that had just left my property. The shot was so close that all the birds flew out of the trees.

This has got to stop, I’ll be afraid to sit on my patio.

Part of the reason I moved to this area was to encounter wildlife. The killing of this wild turkey was so unnecessary.

Lois Werner


Proud of flag and country

What the American flag means to me: Freedom and democracy. Self-determination and government by the electorate.

The flag, a symbol of our unbreakable will and fighting spirit, and blood of our armed forces, won through their valor, honor, loyalty, integrity, and unselfish commitment to duty to all.

That is why I proudly stand at attention with a salute until the day I die.

Frank Palazzo

Atlantic City

Impeach hated Trump

President Trump is inexperienced, unpredictable, unconventional, unstable, self-centered, a bully, a hypocrite, greedy and a liar. I think he will take the world into war.

He is not making this affluent country great, but taking it down in the eyes of the whole world. It is a shame and sin this egoist man was elected to the highest post of the country.

Established politics means stability and wisdom to run the country and the world.

It is time to impeach this monkey-minded president. Let both parties see, predict the dangerous outcome of this president, and impeach as early as they can without any delay. It will be the greatest humanity service to mankind.

James Roja

Somers Point

Good show for Puerto Rico

Amazing Ventnor, headed by Mike Einwechter, and the volunteer staff put on a great show for the Puerto Rico Relief Fund.The amazing stunt was Mike Pestrito playing his drums on top of a moving motorcycle.

The Star Spangled Banner never sounded so good.

Charlotte Josephs