NJ now California east

I am disappointed at the result of the gubernatorial election this month. New Jersey is a far left blue state, so I was not too surprised at the outcome of many races.

But the election of Phil Murphy for governor reveals that the state has now moved to the far, far left, making New Jersey now the California of the East.

I think many of those who voted for Murphy will come to regret it when he enacts many of his plans and ideas. His extreme progressiveness will negatively impact numerous citizens of New Jersey.

Of course the media will give him a pass and will support him in everything he does. But citizens will soon feel it in their pocketbooks and will see their security greatly threatened. Elections do have consequences and I fear the consequences of this gubernatorial election will be catastrophic.

The fine work done by the local GOP organizations to support and promote GOP candidates is commendable. Their terrific effort was the only bright spot in the whole statewide elections. They never say quit and I believe they will continue to work tirelessly to reduce the detrimental effects of progressive liberalism at all levels in New Jersey.

Jimmie Hollis


Fund infrastructure instead of cutting taxes

Instead of slamming President Obama, maybe President Trump should thank him for the two things he claims as his accomplishments, the stock market and the economy. They both have been trending upward for about eight years now and this is still a carryover since Trump hasn’t really done anything yet but make promises.

His tax relief promises keep corporate America interested but there are a lot of flaws in that too, especially for the deficit. We’ll see in a couple years, or sooner, where Donald Trump takes the country and the middle class. History shows the trickle down doesn’t work.

Why not, like promised, put the money to badly needed infrastructure, which immediately creates hundreds of thousands of jobs and improves the country? That would make America great. Drain the swamp ... hardly.

Kevin Dolan

Mays Landing

Del. may let students self-identify race, gender

Mary and Johnny can’t read; nevertheless the Delaware Department of Education is debating a regulation that would allow public school students of any age to self-identify as any race or gender they wish without parental consent.

This is the kind of social engineering you would expect to be pushed by President Obama or Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, but in the First State?

I would want to self-identify as the gender and race that would give me the most government benefits.

After all, you may now join the U.S. military and get a taxpayer-funded free gender reassignment.

Perhaps this will be coming to a Common Core public school nearby. It’s only fair, to level the playing field.

Michael Velsmid

Ocean City