Divisive letter shows

why Romney lost

Regarding the Nov. 15 letter, "Obama re-election shows power of fools," which referred to the majority of voters in the presidential election as a "depraved electorate of fools who defied reason and chose President Barack Obama to be their prince":

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This divisive, us-vs.-them sentiment explains why Mitt Romney - Mr. 47 Percent - failed at the polls. The juvenile name-calling in this letter raises this question: Given the Republican loss and ongoing blame game, who are the real fools?


Cape May

Writer's name-calling

is a sad commentary

Regarding the Nov. 15 letter, "Obama re-election shows power of fools":

I am one of those depraved fools among the 3 million more voters who chose Barack Obama rather than Mitt Romney.

The electoral votes, 332-206, were even more impressive, showing that we "fools" chose Obama in large numbers.

When you call people names because your side lost, it's not very nice and, actually, quite bully-like.

I voted for Obama because I did not believe that a billionaire backed by people such as the Koch brothers, Karl Rove and reporters for Fox News represents me.

I am a woman who thinks that women should have the right to choose, and I am not rich. I am also quite sure that I am not a fool.

Hate speech will get you nowhere, especially during the next four years.


Beesleys Point

Far-left media

don't tell full story

Regarding the Nov. 14 story, "Stockton panel discusses old, new media's effect on election":

I totally agree that social media have established a spot in our society for passing along information. However, the statement by Steve DiMicco, chairman of Message and Media, that he reverts to the printed media for up-to-date news is far-fetched. Tell me where in the printed media he found all the available information about the Fast and Furious program or the Benghazi debacle? It's not there. The far-left media will not print any pertinent information that will negatively impact the president.

It's unfortunate that everyone does not have access to social media, because they will not get a true depiction of a news story by reading or listening to most traditional media outlets.


Mays Landing

Second Obama term

like a bad movie sequel

We are already seeing the futility of the Barack Obama nightmare, part two. It is like a bad movie sequel. Already the stock market is showing its disdain for a very confused president who has no viable plan.

Many small businesses have announced that Obamacare will force them to cut their staffs, reduce hours and in many cases freeze hiring to meet the brutal costs imposed by the signature bill of Obama's first term.

With all his faults, and they are countless, the lack of performance in Benghazi and subsequent coverup was his lowest moment. Four Americans are dead, and the commander in chief watched from afar, did nothing and then made up a story to cover his actions. This is despicable and surely rises to the level of an impeachable offense.

But the people have spoken. For those who like gawking at car or train wrecks, it may be enjoyable. For those who grew up loving a strong, self-sufficient and forward-looking America, we must just hope that by 2016 there are enough pieces left to pick up.



Relaxing DEP rules

dangerous after Sandy

Regarding the Nov. 12 editorial, "Rebuilding the shore/Troublesome order":

I am also troubled with the state Department of Environmental Protection's relaxation of environmental rules relative to the damages resulting from Sandy. The relaxation of rules designed to prevent the loss of life and to ensure the health of our state's waters will only postpone the wake-up call delivered by Sandy.

This storm will continue to generate harm to our state's residents far beyond that of its short visitation to our state. Lives have been lost; our waters have been polluted by the discharge of waste without proper treatment; and our homes did not demonstrate their structural suitability or placement to accommodate this horrific weather event.

Our homes and lives need to be rebuilt to provide for the safest condition that is in harmony with nature. These homes should be situated where they will not be vulnerable to future weather events that cost lives and damage structures, utilities and our daily lives. DEP rules that were designed to ensure the health and safety of our lives should not be relaxed.


Warren Grove

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