Be human and decent

Man has been searching for the meaning of life forever. In the scheme of things, I’m still young and continue to learn. Yet current events have made me die inside a little each day. Has everyone lost sight of right and wrong? Do we accept unacceptable behavior as OK? How much worse can it possibly get? Are we going to scrape under the proverbial bottom of the barrel?

I’m afraid. We should all be afraid. It’s not guns, drugs, crimes, hate or bigotry. It’s the lack of common decency and common sense that allows all of us to fall down this rabbit hole and continually lose sight of what it means to be human.

We need to be the human race again and stop this path of destruction. Remember our children as newborn babies. Think of that joy every day. Remember, as adults, that we were all kids once. Think of that innocence and joy every day. Smile often. Say please. Say thank you.

Be grateful for what you do have, and strive each day to do better than yesterday. We can do this!

Joan Mahon


Fighters few among GOP

Here is something I plagiarized from a pre-Socratic philosopher’s description of the Greek military, way back when battling was not like it is now, but the battlers were essentially the same nature as they are now. My rewrite of his insight brings hopeful tears to my eyes.

Of every one hundred Republican federal and state representatives, 10 shouldn’t even be there, 80 are nothing but political hacks or RINOs and nine are real fighters. We are lucky to have them. They fight for the people.

Ah, but the one, one of them is a warrior and he can make America great again.

Ettore “Ed” Cattaneo

Cape May

Misses weather channel

Weatherscan on Comcast, Channel 101, was one of my favorite channels. Quickly, I would get a personality-free synopsis of local meteorological conditions. Now I’m told to go elsewhere to find it.

Like many, I pay enough to lease a fine car with my Comcast monthly bill. The corporation should give me back Channel 101.

Michael Maggio

Galloway Township

Tax reform plans unfair

The Trojan horse of tax reform has officially arrived on Capitol Hill, just in time to give corporations and the one-percenters an early Christmas gift. How thoughtful of the Republicans.

Ostensibly it is tax relief for the middle class, but in reality it is a gigantic tax bonus for corporate America and the richest citizenry. It is expected to add $1.5 trillion to the federal debt.

Here are some of the salient details that are being proposed in one or both versions of the tax reform. Taxpayers would lose state and local tax deductions along with losing a portion of the mortgage interest deduction.

Meanwhile, tax advantages for the NFL, people who own golf courses (hmm, whom might that benefit?) and the abolishment of estate taxes would be included.

One bill retains three tax brackets and one increases those brackets to seven. Why not just enact two brackets — one for the one-percenters (say, a rate of 35 to 40 percent) and one for the rest (say, 15 percent)? That would be true tax reform for the middle class.

The type of reform being proposed by Republicans would benefit the super affluent, including Donald Trump and his many enterprises.

This really is a Greek tragedy for middle America.

No wonder so many moderate Republicans are retiring from Congress; they can’t face the imminent outrage from their constituents when they finally realize how unfair and devious this tax reform really is.

Stephen Gring

Ocean City