Damage heartbreaking,

but we're not quitting

I thought I could never feel worse than the day the World Trade Center towers fell. I was wrong. The devastion Sandy unleashed on our community and our state makes you want to cry.

As the contents of homes were dumped curbside in an awful devil's yard sale, you could understand why people would want to quit. However, they are not quitting.

I am so proud when I see the courage of my neighbors, the people of Operation Blessing, all our local churches with their donations and hot meals, the Redmen Lodge, the Veterans of Foreign Wars, the Red Cross, the township workers cleaning up and young children working alongside their parents.

I know we will be back better than before. Thank you and God bless you all. We are Jersey Strong.


Little Egg Harbor Township

Time for LoBiondo

to show bipartisanship

During his recent campaign, Rep. Frank LoBiondo, R-2nd, touted the fact he can cross party lines and work in a bipartisan manner. He was even endorsed by the New Jersey Education Association because of his supposed willingness to work with both sides. Personally, I have not seen any of this crossing of party lines, especially not in the last two years. He has never bucked the party line on the big issues.

However, considering President Barack Obama's big win and new polls showing overwhelming support for raising taxes on the rich while maintaining the middle-class tax cuts, let's see if LoBiondo can stand up to House Speaker John Boehner.

It is past time for LoBiondo to renounce his pledge to Grover Norquist and live up to his duty to serve all of his constituents.


Ocean City

Time to relearn rules

about living on island

If you live on a barrier island, now is the time for hard and wise choices, both individually and with respect to planning and construction codes. To have a home damaged or become unhabitable is devastating. It creates a sense of trauma that can only be mitigated with time and nurturing.

Now is the time to really get that we live on a barrier island, which needs to be protected if it is to remain safely habitable. We need planning and construction codes that restrict paving, impermeable surfaces, enclosed ground-level "bonus rooms," in-ground swimming pools, lot coverage, dune encroachment and lot coverage density. We need more permeable open space for water runoff as an islandwide policy. We are one system. What happens in one area affects the ecological balance of the whole island. Paving needs to be restricted to sidewalks and roadways only.

There needs to be legislation and an owners manual for barrier island living. When you are told to evacuate, you evacuate. You move your car to higher ground. You batten down the hatches.


Ocean City

Israel can't count

on U.S. for help

Our allies, and especially Israel, can no longer depend on the United States for help. They would be depending on a nation that no longer can be trusted to honor its commitments to our allies and friends around the world.

President Barack Obama's administration cannot or will not even protect its own people who inhabit our embassies around the world. It has become clear to radical Islam that this is the case, and there will be no retaliation coming from the U.S.

More and more, the killing of innocent men, women and children will take place, and the supposed leader of the free world will be on the golf course, basketball court or vacationing around the country and around the world on Air Force One at the expense of the taxpayers of this nation.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu should plan to take out the terrorists and Iran and do it soon.

History is repeating itself. President Franklin Roosevelt waited too long to deal with Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini and Hideki Tojo, and it cost too many innocent lives around the world. President John F. Kennedy made a serious mistake that cost the Cuban people their freedom.

Israel, the time is now.


Egg Harbor City

Obama should focus

on the problems here

Why did the president go to Asia? One article said he wants to build an Asian legacy and be known as the "Pacific president."

How about building a positive legacy in the United States? Our economy is in terrible shape, prices are going up every week, and unemployment continues to rise. Four Americans are murdered in Libya; there is a potential war in the Middle East and a fiscal cliff facing America in a few weeks. These are all mere bumps in the road to President Barack Obama.

It seems the president loves riding all over the United States and abroad on Air Force One, at our expense. But it would be nice if he would spend some time in Washington, solving some of America's problems.


Port Republic