Veteran grateful for care

Veterans Day is important for expressing appreciation to those who spent part of their lives serving the country in the armed forces. I’ve decided that when someone thanks me for my service, instead of just replying, “You’re welcome,” from now on I will express my appreciation in return, thanking them, the American taxpayers, for my health care.

Although there have been many criticisms about shortcomings in the Veterans Administration health care system, my experience had been a positive one. About 10 years ago the VA probably saved my life by diagnosing a problem I was unaware of and performing the necessary surgery. I don’t know what my 17-day stay in the hospital cost because the VA is a government-controlled, taxpayer-funded system.

All the taxpayers and voters of America who have decided through their elected representatives that socialized medicine is good enough for me have my lifelong gratitude, even though it may not be good enough for them.

Jim Tweed

Ocean City

Trump too emotional

Regarding the Oct. 18 letter, “Need breaking news break”:

I agree with the writer. People in public should act responsibly and choose their words more carefully with the aim of informing and enlightening, rather than reaching for emotional responses.

Someone should give this message to the president of the United States. Donald Trump’s vulgar and unprofessional language shows the world that we have an irresponsible person running the country.

Lucy Perna

Atlantic City

Weapons bans ineffective

Regarding the Oct. 25 letter, “Ban assault weapons”:

Kind sir, I say this as a brother in arms who also served in Vietnam: Did banning any weapons ever solve problems? Consider the 1927 St. Valentine’s Day massacre and the enforcement of laws on the books. Police out of squad cars and on the streets would not solve the problems, the bad guys will always have better weapons.

Instead get rid of luxury prisons, which are vacation homes for many criminals.

Jim Simmons

Egg Harbor Township