What's Vineland's plan

for Landis Ave. project?

The much heralded "Four Corners Project" on East Landis Avenue in Vineland can be considered a flop. Three of the four corners never materialized into any semblance of what they were supposed to become. The fourth corner was completed with the renovation of the Landis Theater and the attached eatery, Mori's on Landis. The Landis Theater is now in a state of limbo. Mori's is shuttered because of insurmountable financial problems.

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It's time for Mayor Ruben Bermudez and City Council to tell the citizens of Vineland what they intend to do to make the Landis Theater and Mori's viable again. The Band-Aid approach did not and will not work. A well-thought-out, long-term plan is needed to fix this problem.



On Obamacare, GOP

puts the people first

The president and progressives always say they are for the middle class and that Republicans are for the rich and business. It seems that we have switched positions. All the Republicans want on Obamacare is what businesses got - a one-year waiver for the people. It doesn't mean people can't sign up; it just gives them a year to decide.

President Barack Obama keeps saying Obamacare is the law. Well, he has changed the law several times without congressional approval. This is ruling by fiat, not by the Constitution. And I disagree with the president's policies because I am not left-wing. It doesn't mean I am a racist.


Galloway Township

We need Lonegan

and his independence

President Barack Obama has said repeatedly, "If Congress will not act, then I will." He has signed more than 130 executive orders.

He has made multiple changes to the Affordable Care Act without congressional approval. Yet now that the House wants to make a change in accordance with our Constitution, he'd rather shut down the government.

Where is the responsibility of our representatives to their constituents if they concur with everything this president is doing? Does allegiance to the party and the president take precedence over allegiance to their constituents and the Constitution?

If there is any hope of curbing this kind of lawlessness, hypocrisy and irresponsibility, then I believe we need to support Steve Lonegan for the U.S. Senate. Lonegan is a Republican, but more important, he is someone who is independent and will not kowtow to the party or special interests. His opponent, Cory Booker, will be a loyal Democrat, a rubber stamp for our president and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.


Mullica Hill

Christie has no right

to cancel Margate vote

Regarding the Oct. 1 story, "Dune order nixes vote in Margate":

What right does an autocrat, Gov. Chris Christie, have to take away my most important civil liberty - the right to vote?

Isn't it more important that he protect the rights of all New Jersey taxpayers - including those of Margate - to be allowed to cast their votes on an issue as important as the Army Corps of Engineers' dune project?

Why not ask the Army Corps to do a complete study of Absecon Island to find a solution to protect not just the beach area but the bay sides as well, where most of the damage from Hurricane Sandy occurred?



Dune order ignores

will of Margate voters

Regarding the Oct. 1 story, "Dune order nixes vote in Margate":

Gov. Chris Christie is ignoring hundreds of Margate residents who are against building dunes for reasons that have nothing to do with ocean views. His oversimplification of opposition to his executive order, which takes away Margate citizens' right to vote on a matter important to them, is plainly authoritarian in my view and is inconsistent with the democratic underpinnings of our state and country.



Bicycle riders

could use a break

Regarding the Sept. 29 letter, "If only bicyclists actually obeyed law":

What is it with all this hostility toward bike riders? Presumably they are just out having fun.

Rather than become upset the next time you are in your car and you see some bike riders ahead, I suggest that you say to yourself, "What would I do if that bike rider were my child, grandchild, spouse or a close personal friend?"

You then can relax, slow down and pass, giving the bikes a wide berth, at least three feet. And if you are really into the whole experience, you can roll down your window and say as you pass, "Have a nice day." I suspect that you will feel a whole lot better for the experience.


Somers Point

Republicans in Congress

violating oath of office

Our Constitution gives Congress the responsibility to control our nation's purse strings. Congress is obliged to determine how much our government spends, how much revenue is collected through taxation, and how much we must borrow to pay our bills if there is a shortfall.

The 14th Amendment asserts we must honor our debts. "The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law ... shall not be questioned."

Yet, led by tea party representatives, Republicans in Congress threaten to make America a deadbeat nation by not voting to raise the debt ceiling, thus not allowing our nation to borrow enough to pay the debts we have already accumulated.

Republicans say they will let a default occur unless the Affordable Care Act is defunded. Ironically, this law embraces provisions originally supported by the conservative Heritage Foundation and some of the same Republican lawmakers who are against it now.

Republicans demonstrate a willingness to violate their oath of office if they do not get what they want, America be damned.

Why did Congress authorize government spending that it could not pay for in the first place if it was not willing to borrow money?

Fortunately, President Barack Obama or the Supreme Court can circumvent this potentially unconstitutional act by raising the debt ceiling or declaring that any ceiling limiting our ability to borrow is void.

Congress has no authority to break the law. If it attempts to do so, other branches of government must intercede. But will they?


Galloway Township

Media, not bishops

distort Catholic message

Regarding the Sept. 28 Bob Keeler column, "Pope Francis' message: Get back to basics":

Keeler quotes Pope Francis: "We cannot insist only on issues related to abortion, gay marriage and the use of contraceptive methods."

Our Holy Father is reminding Catholics the church's moral teachings encompass both behavior to avoid and behavior to perform - caring for the poor being an excellent example of the latter. He could use as a model the U.S. Catholic Church, whose programs for health care and social services for the poor are unsurpassed.

Although Keeler acknowledges that "our American bishops have taken important progressive positions on everything from immigration to the dignity of the worker," he maintains they don't get heard because the only issues they choose to utter at full volume are the ones Francis mentioned. This is not the case. The bishops speak at the same volume on all the issues respecting the common good, that is, protecting the life and respecting the dignity of every person created by God. The media provide the microphone. The bishops can take 10 actions on behalf of the poor and one dealing with abortion, and the media will ignore the 10, report on the one and do so critically.

Pope Francis further said, "The most important thing is the first proclamation: Jesus Christ has saved you." The centrality of the Christian message is a person. Our Lord will touch the life of whoever asks him, enabling the individual to become the person God intended. Our first responsibility is bringing Our Lord to others and bringing others to him.


Ocean City

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