Stockton football team would benefit region

I’m a Stockton University student and I believe a football team would benefit the Stockton community and South Jersey as a whole.

While it would be a large financial undertaking for the university, the long-term benefits would be overwhelming for the university. Adding a football team would allow the school to boost its male enrollment.

Stockton University ranked 41st out of 187 private and public universities in the north in a recent magazine rating. Stockton would only gain more notoriety with the addition of a football team. It is nothing against the other sports that the university already has, but football draws a larger crowd and involves staffing and recruiting more people.

Finally, the addition of a football team would bring the Stockton community and South Jersey closer together. With everything that has gone on — such as layoffs, budget cuts and the recession — the area could use a morale boost and an increase in activity.

Although a football team is not in Stockton’s immediate future, we can start taking steps toward that goal.

Katie Cushinotto


Backs Democratic ticket

The recent passing of Sen. Jim Whelan was a deep loss to many in Atlantic County and across New Jersey. He was a good and honest man, widely respected by Democrats and Republicans alike for his integrity and dedication to his constituents.

With Atlantic City’s economy showing signs of recovery, Assemblyman Vince Mazzeo and running mates John Armato and Colin Bell are stepping up efforts to maintain that momentum. Nothing could honor Whelan’s legacy more than building upon his achievements.

Like Whelan, Mazzeo, Armato and Bell know we need responsible solutions to Atlantic Citys problems. That’s why they’re working to stabilize property taxes across Atlantic County, and sponsoring legislation to place restrictions on the state lottery’s new casino-style game to prevent a potentially damaging impact on city and county businesses.

Mazzeo, Armato and Bell are also supporting efforts to help non-gaming small businesses create jobs throughout the county. And Mazzeo was recently recognized for his role in helping Stockton University hire 168 more workers at its Atlantic City campus.

With Whelan’s leadership as their example, Mazzeo, Armato and Bell will continue his efforts to help Atlantic City become the special destination it’s meant to be and help revitalize our economy.

Sen. Whelan has left some very big shoes to fill. Mazzeo, Armato and Bell have the vision, tenacity and integrity to fill them.

Charles T. Garrett

Atlantic City

Backs Bardoe, fund limits

I think most Americans want big money out of politics, regardless of their party. Angela Bardoe, a candidate for Pittsgrove Township Committee, has signed the American Promise 28th Amendment Candidate Pledge to support government regulation and restriction of campaign spending.

As a committed advocate of democracy, I have witnessed the brutal power money has over government and I believe it’s time to fix the problem. We need an amendment to return fundamental rights to every individual citizen and limit money in our politics.

Mary Rowson

Pittsgrove Township

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