Gardner’s Basin lovely

Regarding the Sept. 25 letter, “Crafters gone, but rest of Gardner’s Basin open”:

I agree that Gardner’s Basin is one of the nicest spots in Atlantic City. The beautiful gardens at the basin, in and of themselves, are worth a visit. And always open. Kudos to the volunteers.

Susan Cavanaugh


Blackman Road issues

My family lives on Blackman Road in Egg Harbor Township. I’m concerned that simple traffic laws on this road are not followed or enforced, and it causes hazards to safety and the enjoyment of the outdoors.

The speed limit is 25 mph, until you get near Patcong Farms, then it becomes 35 mph. I have seen vehicles far in excess of those speeds on this residential street. At each end of Blackman Road there are signs that say no trucks. Well I guess the signs don’t exist to the drivers of 18 wheelers I see on the street when I am walking my dog.

It scares me to see children riding bicycles down the sidewalk with cars next to them with no shoulder.

There should be a traffic light at Ocean Heights and Blackman Road.

Perhaps some tax revenue could be spent on improved signage, especially for eliminating the street as a truck route, enforcing the speed limit and adding a traffic signal.

Bill Bidlack

Egg Harbor Township

Public sector unions silent on benefits fraud

Regarding the Sept. 23 story, “Margate doctor admits fraud”:

When will public sector unions admit their health care program is ripe with fraud and abuse? The article reports that this one doctor was responsible for over 200 fraudulent prescriptions at a cost to the taxpayer of more than $24 million, an average of $120,000 per prescription. Whoever administers the plan should be responsible for the $24 million, not the taxpayer.

There was a time when the unions fought for their membership to gain parity with the private sector. Well, I think that objective has been met and surpassed.

It is time that all concerned start living in the real world and politicians stop writing checks that will bankrupt the average person, all for gaining votes with a special interest group.

Jim Mandis


Morality on North Korea

Regarding the Sept. 22 commentary by Marc Thiessen, “Trump’s UN speech promoted classic conservative ideas”:

Writing about morality, Thiessen shows it’s a subject about which he is clueless.

Thiessen said that in his UN speech, “Trump put himself squarely on the side of morality in foreign policy.”

But Thiessen approved Trump declaring, “The United States has great strength and patience, but if it is forced to defend itself or its allies, we will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea.”

Threatening to destroy 25 million people is squarely moral?

Frank Battaglia

Atlantic City

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